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Dr. Sarah L. Rodriguez

Associate Professor

Higher Education & Learning Technologies

Office Location: Frank Young Education North, #104E

Phone: 903-288-1682



“A Mixed Methods Study of the Experiences of Undergraduate Latina Students in Computing,” The Kapor Center (Women of Color in Computing Collaborative). $68,000. 3 PIs from 2 institutions (lead PI: Linda Sax (Professor, University of California – Los Angeles)). S.L. Rodriguez: Co-PI & Lead. Qualitative Researcher. [Status: Won].

“Reinventing the Instructional and Departmental Enterprise to Advance the Professional Formation of Electrical and Computer Engineers,” National Science Foundation (Improving Undergraduate STEM Education/Professional Formation of Engineers: Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (IUSE/PFE:RED) Program), Grant No. 1623125, 2016-2021, $1,999,869. 13 PIs from 1 institution (lead PI: D. Jiles (Department Chair – Electrical & Computer Engineering)). S. L. Rodriguez: Co-PI & Lead Researcher (Qualitative – Engineering Identity Study). [Status: Won].

“WI-ECSEL: Women in Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering as Leaders,” National Science Foundation Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program (Strand 2: S- STEM: Design & Dev -Type 2 Multi-Inst), Grant No. 1564748, 2016-2021, $4,054,476. 13 PIs from 3 institutions (lead PI: Joseph Zambreno (Associate Professor)). S. L. Rodriguez: Co-PI & Lead Researcher (Qualitative – Longitudinal Engineering Identity Study). [Status: Won].

“Collaborative Research: AGEP Transformation Alliance: CIRTL AGEP - Improved Academic Climate for STEM Dissertators and Postdocs to Increase Interest in Faculty Careers,” National Science Foundation (Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) Program), 2016-2021, $401,626. (lead PI: Craig Ogilvie (Asst Dean, Graduate College)). S. L. Rodriguez: Co-lead PI & Co- Lead Researcher (Qualitative – Graduate Student Campus Environments & Faculty Career Interest Study). [Status: Won].

“Iowa/Illinois/Nebraska STEM Partnership for Innovation in Research and Education (IINSPIRE),” National Science Foundation (Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Program), 2016-2019, $4,999,716. (lead PI: Jonathan Wickert (Senior VP & Provost)). S. L. Rodriguez: Co-PI & Co-Lead Researcher (Quantitative & Qualitative – STEM Career Development & Identity Study). [Status: Won].

“Latino Men and Masculinity: Experiences in Community College Transfer in Texas, California, and Florida,” Center for the Study of Community Colleges Grants for Innovative Research on Community Colleges, 2016-18, $5,900. 3 PIs from 3 institutions (lead PI: Sarah Rodriguez). Co-PIs: M. Vasquez-Urias & C. Salinas. [Status: Won].

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