RTV 215 Course Outline Spring 2017

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NOTE:  NO make-ups are possible for project work barring dire, unavoidable situations, and then ONLY if advance arrangements are made.   Any late project is subject to grade reduction regardless of reason.  Productions not completed and turned in by the assigned deadline will receive a grade of zero.  Missed exams follow the same guidelines.  You must meet deadlines. Scheduled performance slots may not be changed once scheduled.       (sample scripts)

Week 1  (1/18)             Read Chapter 1  -- Buy the book now and start reading  (Chap. 1 as a .pdf file) 

 ** (Outline is updated weekly as the semester progresses) **

Use This Test Review each week to prepare for weekly quizzes and exams.

You must set up a Google Drive folder and share it no later than Wednesday.  If you do not set it up and share it correctly, your submitted work will be marked and remain marked as not submitted--come get help if you're not certain what you're doing. Steps: Create a Google Drive folder named YourLastName 215 S17, like Smith 215 S17.  Inside that folder, create YourLastName 215 Scripts, YourLastName 215 Projects, YourLastName 215 Airchecks and YourLastName 215 Assignments folders. Then share the YourLastName 215 S17 (NO OTHER FOLDERS OR FILES) with demarsmedia@gmail.com -- re-read the directions and warnings and do it right. If you do this late or wrong, your project work will be marked not submitted (see syllabus). Happy to help if you are not sure -- just come ask for help to be sure you're doing it correctly.

Adobe Audition training sign up required by Wednesday.

Week 2   (1/23 & 1/25)                  Be sure you have read the syllabus. 

Monday:    Marking scripts discussion: 'woodshedding' your copy for pauses and inflection / emphasis.  (unmarked scripts means you're doing it wrong). Singing comparison -- can everyone sing?  Can anyone be talent?    Radio DJ Performance to be discussed in class (content is not in textbook).  KKOM Training done this week.

Reminder: Late work causes zero as project grade. No show for Audition training, or not signed up by deadline, means your training work is graded as late. 

Adobe Audition training must be completed by Wednesday class time.  Sign up and record first production--you must check in and out with PA, Mr. Starks or Dr. DeMars.  Project One due in your Projects folder by Friday.  FILE NAMES:  for Nutcracker, name it:  YourLastName 215 P1a S17; for Internet spot: YourLastName 215 P1b S17.   You will record and upload each of these two scripts as separate .mp3 media files.  Not uploaded as .mp3 = not submitted.
See full Project Directions here.

Sample voice work.

Week 3      (1/30 & 2/1)                    Reading:  Chapter 2

25 Question, 15-minute Quiz at start of class Monday (Chap. 1 & class notes).  Late arrivals lose points or receive no grade.
Bring unwrinkled green Scantron and pencil.      SEE THE Project Directions about project work this week.

Begin KKOM live shifts.  You must aircheck / record your breaks.  Upload your aircheck into Airchecks folder named YourLastName 215 DJ (date), like Smith 215 DJ 1-31-17 

Starting this week, class will not meet every scheduled class time. You must pay close attention to when we meet. This week there is no regular Wednesday class meeting -- BUT, we will make this time available as assigned for extra training.
Some of these days will be intended for you to meet one on one with the instructor for performance reviews.

Spinal Roll Voice Training, Voice-Over training Bill DeWeese 2, Resolving mumbling as part of voice training

REMINDER:  If you did not do the original audio production scripts correctly last week, you must correct the mistake(s) plus do the two new scripts this week.  You were given script and/or notice in class Monday if yours was not correct.  Only the 'small' audio room is working correctly.  You must upload the .mp3 files and turn in  the script when you're done with the productions.  Come get extra training if needed--you need to be able to handle the audio production room.

Week 4     (2/6 & 2/8)                   Read Chapter 3 

25 Question, 15-minute Quiz at start of class Monday (Chap. 2 & class notes from last week).  Late arrivals lose points or receive no grade.  (as always, use this Test Review for chapters as you read).  DO NOT BRING a new Scantron but DO bring pencils.

(Voice and Diction overview ppt).  We'll read more about this next week.   Pronunciation & Articulation

Voice and delivery basics:   accent vs. dialect, correct pronunciation (phonetics? compare foreign language issues), projection, rate, resonance, articulation, vocal variety, inflection and emphasis, tone / timbre / pitch, nasality, hoarseness, breathing through your diaphragm, optimum pitch     About

Critique of initial performance recordings. Think about:  announcer voice vs. character voice, articulation, inflection, dialect, breathing from your diaphragm, optimum pitch, communicating meaning, effective communication of meaning, etc.  

OPTIONAL audio performance #1 to be done this week (KKOM promo)  See Project Directions

ABOUT 'OPTIONAL' --it's not extra credit, and it's not something to just ignore.  If you care about passing the class you will do these and meet the deadline. They WILL be used to determine your course grade.

Week 5    (2/13 & 2/15)                    Read Chapter 4  -- as always, use this Test Review for chapters as you read. 

No quiz this week -- but be sure you've done the reading and used the review.

Monday:  Discussion about 'your look' -- appearance issues in media performance.  Practice exercise in writing radio commercials, PSAs and promos.
Cliches.   SPRING BREAK PLANNING:  NOTE THAT ALL SHIFTS must be done the week before Spring Break.  Spring Break begins after Friday classes, not before.  Missing your shift lowers your course and Practicum grades.

SOME SYLLABUS REMINDERS: (a)  If you're not in Practicum, you cannot pass this class.   (b)  If you leave during class, even if you return, you are counted absent.  (c) You may not use technology in class unless you have signed a permission form--if you do use technology (phone, laptop, etc.) you lose points from your course grade.  READ THE SYLLABUS.

Wednesday:  No class meeting.  Use this time for work on the interview. See Project Directions

Week 6   (2/20 & 2/22)                    Read Chapter 5

25 Question, 15-minute Quiz at start of class Monday (Chap. 3 & 4 and class notes).  Late arrivals lose points or receive no grade.    Discussion about Interviewing.

Movement during performance.   Initial training and practice with on camera work.   Sign up for and attend TV studio training this week.      Assigned audio performance #2 due this week.   (interview)

ABOUT 'PROJECTS' --it's not extra credit, and it's not something to just ignore.  If you care about passing the class you will do these and meet the deadline. They WILL be used to determine your course grade.
Week 7   (2/27 & 3/1)          (Test Review)

MONDAY:  Chapter 5 Quiz.   We did not get to the 'use your book' work last week--so be sure you bring your textbook with you for Monday's class.   Start Mid Term review.

WEDNESDAY: Practice TV new live shots during class.  As noted in class, meet at 2:00 in PAC 123.
Record a news gathering interview this week (or use last week's interview) for a radio Voice Report.  Script in this style due no later than Tuesday; 5+question recorded interview due in your Google Drive by Friday.  Produced story due next week.

Wednesday:  We will use some of this class for practice TV Live Shot interviews--check back, directions may give yoou a different meeting location.  Review and practice this script and  See Project Directions

Week 8   (3/6 & 3/8)

Assigned audio performance #3 to be done this week--due no later than Wednesday. (radio voice report)

MONDAY:  Review of radio DJ assignment and implementing a format.  Review of airchecks during class.

WEDNESDAY:  Mid Term Exam over Chapters 1-5 plus all class content (review notes you should have taken during class lectures, videos shown in class, linked materials and PowerPoints).  Bring unwrinkled green Scantron sheet and pencils.
Some Mid Term Review, More Mid Term review, plus as always, the chapter by chapter reviews.
--if you do not take notes over major terms and ideas as we cover them in class, you may not know some of the important information on exams, in this case--content about spot production, news, and on-air DJ work.

Mid Semester

Week 9        (3/20 & 3/22)                      Read Chapter 6 -- as always, use this Test Review for chapters as you read.

Monday:  Chapters 6 & 7 discussion.
Wednesday:  Practice TV demonstrations during class--meet at 2:00 in the TV studio.  If you're not inside the PAC 123 room at 2:00 you are late and counted absent.  DO TV STUDIO TRAINING before Wednesday class time.
NOTE:  Practice this script / show outline.  MAKE A NOTE CARD and bring it with you to guide yourself through the steps.  You MAY NOT use the full page script.   FSG means Full Screen Graphic.   TRT means Total Run Time.
SEE NEXT WEEK'S ASSIGNMENT BELOW.  ASK by 3/23 if you have questions about next week.
See Project Directions

Week 10       (3/27 & 3/29)                     Read Chapter 7

MONDAY:  Chapter 6 Quiz.  Continue Chapter 7 overview along with final Demonstration summary.
          See Project Directions
WEDNESDAY:  Optional 5:00 TV demonstrations.  Sign up and script required.   Make your own show script / outline done in the same structure as the PB&J script.  You MUST sign up here by Monday and submit your script to your Google Drive by Tuesday to do this project.  WHAT DO YOU DEMONSTRATE?  (a) something you have not done for us in the TV studio any time in the past, (b) something you have skills for -- musical instrument, arts / crafts, dancing, make-up application, how to tie knots for specific purposes, how to make a particular dish, etc.  (c) something that requires props and steps, (d) something that would be of interest to a target audience.  ASK by 3/23 if you have questions.

WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE:  (each demonstration has 2 minutes set-up time and is 5:00 black to black production time)
2:05 -- Dylan*      2:12 -- Kai*     2:19--Samantha*       2:26--Lorenzo*     2:33--Andrea*      2:40--K'Antheny*      

Note:  this is posted based on Google Drive script submissions--be sure to check back Wednesday morning for final confirmed schedule based on required script submissions to your Google Drive.  Non-submitted scripts means you're not on the performance list --> IMMEDIATELY EMAIL Tony.DeMars<at>tamuc.edu if you submitted the script to Google Drive and I overlooked it.  It must be in the Scripts folder. 
First crew:   CG:  Ian / Brazil     Cameras: Crystal, Courtney, K'Antheny       Server:  Samantha        Audio: Andrea / Evans
Second crew:    CG:  Dylan      Cameras: Crystal, Lorenzo, Samantha       Server:  Courtney       Audio:   Kai
(subject to change -- but be prepared for any crew position --> see a PA for training)

NOTE CHAPTER 7 QUIZ next Tuesday.

Week 11     (4/3 & 4/5)                          Read Chapter 8

MONDAY:  Chapter 7 Quiz.
Practice TV interviews.    SEE NEXT WEEK--Your regular TV interview guest must be confirmed by 4/6.
Sign up here (link to be added) to confirm your guest.

ABOUT 'OPTIONAL' --it's not extra credit, and it's not something to just ignore.  If you care about passing the class you will do these and meet the deadline. They WILL be used to determine your course grade.

NO CLASS MEETING on Wednesday 4/5 (release day for KKOM shifts)

Week 12  (4/10 & 4/12)             Read Chapter 9     use Test Review 

MONDAY:  Chapter 8 Quiz.   Evaluate TV interviewing.  Charlie Rose / Ed Sheeran.    Oprah Winfrey / Bill Gates.

MONDAY starting at 3:30
, as signed up last week:  TV interviews.  Sign up and script required.

Wednesday:    Review TV performance content.  TV Live Report (one option for your performance). TV Live Shot Interview.
TV Live Shot Interview.
TV anchoring.  (Anchor Demo 2011) TV On Camera Commercials.  (CarMax 1)(CarMax2)(Paul Switched)('Lily' AT&T)
(Demonstration etc. TV adsRichard Karn Hillshire farms    Billy Gene is Marketing

Tips for Live Shots

Week 13    (4/17 & 4/19)                      READING: Start on This section from another book.

MONDAY:  Chapter 9 Quiz.  Quiz will include cont from 4/12 class about news (terms, news positions, etc.)
For MONDAY: --> Practice TV demonstration commercials.  Memorize this script.

WEDNESDAY CLASS TIME:  Those not doing it outside class:  (a) Have your 'news report' or 'News report interview' script in your Google Drive by Tuesday, (b) email Dr. DeMars once it's posted, and (c) show up at the TV studio at 2:00 pm, and we will do these for each student during class time, in one or two groups.  Late arrivals to class will miss the opportunity to do this in class. All those not performing will assist and critique.

If you don't do yours in class time: Deadline to submit 'outside class' news reports or news interviews is Monday 4/24.  On whatever day you plan to do the recording of this 'look live,' you must have submitted a Google Drive copy of the script BY THE DAY BEFORE, and then on the day of or before, give Dr. DeMars or Daniel Starks a hard copy of the script, before performing.  You must use a JVC camera only, and you must have your own SDHC or SDXC card (class 10) to do this.
If you fail to do any of these things as assigned you have no credit for doing this work.

Come in and work with a PA for JVC camera training if you plan to check out a camera for news or sports this week.

Week 14   (4/24 & 4/26)           READING BY MONDAY: Complete This section from another book.   

Monday:  More about sports talent. 
OPTION:  do the play by play of a local sports event.  You must advise the instructor via email by 4/24 if you plan to do this.  You must have your own 16GB minimum SDHC or SDXC card (class 10) to do this.  You must use ONLY a JVC camera to do this. 
  Get someone to work with you to help set up and point a camera at the game, and that person serves as the color announcer.  Get a basic wide shot of the field of play and lock down the camera on that shot.  The 'talent' submission is from you as the play-by-play announcer. To get ready, contact the appropriate person in charge of the game (the SID if it's A&M-Commerce, probably head coach if a high school).  The most practical game options are A&M-Commerce softball games this Fri. & Sat, or any intramural game.  You will need a game roster from the home and away teams--for A&M-Commerce softball games, check early this week for assistance from Thomas Kent, and don't assume it will be easy for them to make arrangements for you to 'cover' a game. Any intramural game may be more practical, but you'll have to get the game schedule in advance to be ready (and there may be nothing still going on).  At the game: be completely set up at least 15 minutes before scheduled start time.  Do not place yourself too close to anyone in the stands who would be distracted by your actions or anyone else 'calling the game.'  Have a handheld microphone plugged in to the camera and talk into the microphone, holding it toward your color person as he/she talks.  At 5-minutes before scheduled start time, begin your 'broadcast' by establishing who is playing and where, and the overall facts about the game and teams, and give the starting line-ups.  Start calling the action as the game begins and continue to do so for at least 15 minutes.  Use guidelines as presented in class to guide how to talk as you call the game.    If you and your color announcer both want to do play by play, stop the recording after you've gone at least 15 minutes and change SD cards, and stay for the next 15 minutes and reverse positions.  As the 2nd person takes over calling play by play, introduce yourself as "now I'm (my name) taking over the call of this game.  If you've just joined us (re-state facts about the teams and game)"-and then continue for 15 minutes or more minutes while the original play by play person now handles color.  Once you're done, upload your media file(s) the camera created and put them in your Google Drive.  Get help if needed from a PA in merging separate files the camera may have created and/or in uploading what needs to be a relatively small size media file.  You must use ONLY a JVC camera to do this.  If you fail to do any of these things as assigned you have no credit for doing this work.

No class meeting Wednesday.  
(release day for KKOM shifts) -- SEE THE REQUIRED READING

Week 15   (5/1 & 5/3)               READING BY MONDAY:   Chapter 10 

Quiz Monday over News Reading and Chapter 10.  10 questions over each.     Use the Test Review.

You need a good grade on the Final Exam: start studying now-- Flash Cards 1, Flash Cards 2  
(Note that these review were created last semester based on our textbook and class, but now cannot be updated. There may be some outdated content and comments, but most of it will be useful to study for the Final Exam.)  Also use the week by week review, including the linked news reading from previous weeks.

MONDAY:   Quiz over News Reading linked above and Chap. 10.     

Practice TV news performances-- we will rotate through the class and practice reading stories from the news desk.  A partial script will be added here on Monday if you want to pre-read the content.  You need to be able to handle a crew position.


Monday 5/9, starts at 1:15 pm.  Late arrivals lose points or miss the chance to take the exam.

See written test review above.  After the written test, you will go to PAC 117 and do a radio performance and a TV spot demonstration performance.  Memorize this script for the TV spot demonstration.  Performance is 25% of Final Exam.   For each--remember the idea is to communicate the meaning -- use vocal variety and expressivness, vary your inflection and pitch, pause appropriately for emphasis, etc.  -- take the TV script and mark it up for how you will convey the meaning--bring that marked script and turn it in before your performance.  For TV also remember to point your prop to the camera to your right for CU shots and look into Camera 1 all the time.  Plan in reading the script for holding an Exedrin bottle and a cup/glass.  Plan for acting like you're taking pills then feeling better.  For radio -- you get scripts when it's time to perform.  There will be a variety of scripts -- you will get one of those at random.