RTV 420 Weekly Outline                        

home image Back to home page         **   Outline subject to updates before start of spring semester **

Your indication of what to study comes from your own notes taken while doing the assigned reading and from notes you should take from what is covered in class. That also means you must pay attention to instructions in class.  For questions regarding anything you miss in class, you must meet with the professor during regular office hours. LINKS indicated in the hard copy of this document below are found in this online outline.  Immediately email the instructor if you discover a dead link.  You should not expect responses to emails outside normal work hours. Most class-related communication must occur individually between the student and the instructor during scheduled office hours.  No grade discussions via email nor around or during class.

Here's a chapter by chapter review -- make note of this: it may not be brought up again.

Week 1       (1/16-19)                 READING:  Chapter 1  -- see this week's assignment below

Tues:   Syllabus overview.   Course overview.   You must have the book and start reading now.  READING due by class time Tuesday:  Chapter 1.  Computer hardware skills and software basics.  See the Kindle option and you may be able to read Chapter 1 for free by getting a 'sample.'  See the VitalSource option -- either is about $30 for the semester.

TAKE NOTES IN EVERY CLASS.  Class content will guide you toward most of the content of exams. 

YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN COPY of the required textbook for the course.  On each exam, you must bring it with you, and your exam grade is zero if you don’t have either a hard copy or e-book.  PROJECT: Start with LinkedIn:  Create or update a LinkedIn account.  It must include a headshot or other appropriate identifying image and a bio.  Begin making connections in your field.

You must set up a flash drive *(or online, see below) containing a folder named YourLastName RTV 420 S18.  The flash drive must be named YourName and must have your initials on its exterior. It must be submitted in an approved box. Bring it to every class. Create a subfolder inside that main folder called Assignments. Start with a Doc file that is named YourLastName 420 Assets List.  You will update this each time you add anything to your flash drive.  Assignment #1a:  Select a media-related field for which your portfolio will be created: make a Doc page making a statement of the two or three most likely media related jobs you imagine yourself applying for after graduation, ALSO email this to the instructor by 1/19. Assignment #1b:  Based on 1a, using only a Doc file create a Needs Analysis.  See the link for typical content of a Needs Analysis, which will be written up in paragraphs.  A Needs Analysis is about a page of 3-4 paragraphs describing what you perceive your online portfolio's needs to be and how what you're doing will address them.  No Name drives will not be graded.  Flash drive must be submitted in an approved box with your name on it.
*ALTERNATE OPTION: The same folder structure may be created online, such as in Google Drive.
Do a shared link of the main folder:  In Google Drive the shared link is done by highlighting the folder and clicking the '+person' icon to then click 'get shareable link.'  Be sure Anyone with the link can view above the link is selected.  If not done correctly, items due are marked not submitted when checked.  Due dates are the same.

Week 2   (1/22-26 )                    Reading:  Chapter 2         

Samples of online portfolios. A good, passing grade, web site must have good images and graphics.  What about this one
If you have just fill in the blanks on a template you have not created your own unique web site.
Dress it up examples: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 

Student Portfolios:  Student 1, Student 2, Student 3, Student 4, Student 5, Student 6
Every Student Should Have an Online Portfolio.   Most Useful Web Sites. Bad web sites

LSU Samples, Other Samples....
Amanda Lucier, Jeremy Pennycook, Chris Keith, Thushan Amarisiriwardena, Amy Vitale, Paula Goodman Koz,
Patrick Winfield, Lee Semel, Stephanie Ogburn (journalist), Michael Pollan, LSU Digital Portfolio examples

Needs Analysis due in Assignments folder by Monday.
Assignment #2:  Create a one-page résumé.  See Career Development for assistance.

Week 3    (1/29-2/2)      
       Reading:   Chapter 3   

Doc file created Résumé due in Assignments folder by Monday.  If you have not shared an online folder as described above you must submit a flash drive named and structured as describe above.  Submit in class Tuesday, or if no class it must be turned in to Dr. DeMars' mail box on Tuesday on PAC 101.
TUES. CLASS: Dr. DeMars is out sick Tuesday. See work due as listed above.

Assignment #3:  Come in this week for Adobe Audition training or certification.  Start planning for at least four different audio pieces of at least two different types that you record, to be used in your web site.  Those can be spot production pieces, narrations, sports play by play, audio explanations, etc.You must create and submit scripts into the appropriate folder before doing productions.
Assignment #4:  Make a ‘shot list’ that describes 10 or more still images you can create that would work well to represent you in your online portfolio.  Using a smart phone or camera, you will then create 10 or more images that would work well within your portfolio web site.  Shot list due in your Assignments folder before Thursday class time.  Start plans to get some of those shots.  Remember to keep updating your Assets List (see above)

Thursday class:  Issues of Chapter 3 as related to Online Portfolio.  Review of online portfolios as linked above.

Here's a chapter by chapter review -- make note of this: it may not be brought up again.

Week 4     (2/5-9)          
        Reading:  Chapter 4    

Assignment 4b:  Create a folder named Images, inside your main folder. By Wednesday, place at least 5 images in it you create that would be good for your web site. These must be based on the already required shot list. Name each file icon a 2-3 word title / slug that adequately describes it.    Best WordPress sites 1, Best WordPress 2

Assignment #5:  Come in this week for Video Camera training or certification. WATCH this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYHVgDb5n2o and take quiz.
Start compiling or creating video productions for your web site.  Submit scripts to the appropriate folder for each planned new production.  Create a Video folder an Audio folder, a Written Work & Articles folder and a Graphics folder inside
your RTV 420 S18 folder.  Start compiling the correct media into the appropriate folder. Any new media content you create must start with a script that goes into the same folder as its media content. Always name each file with proper descriptions of what they are.  Create WordPress account named YourLastNamePortfolio.

Thursday:       Test 1 Chapters 1-4 and class content so far.  Late arrivals lose points or miss the exam.  Bring unwrinkled green Scantron sheet and pencils.     

Week 5   
(2/12-16)                Reading:  Chapter 10-Photography           

Assignment #5:  Review your initial shot list and images. Compare your work to what the chapter says about photography. Add at least 5 more images by Friday. At least half of the 10 due by this week must put you in the ‘workplace environment’ in the media type your site is about.  Basics of BlueGriffon tutorial.

AS NOTED ABOVE:  go to wordpress.com and create
a WordPress account named YourLastNamePortfolio. (Like SmithPortfolio  .... or TSmithPortfolio.)  Start practicing with the dashboard and overall operations--before getting too far you can always change your theme.  Assigned WordPress theme must be established by Week 7.  With approval, you will choose from one of these: https://www.codeinwp.com/blog/free-portfolio-wordpress-themes/ 
OR choose from:  http://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/best-free-wordpress-blog-themes/
Remember that your site must have at least five different pages and must not be 'template-looking.' 

MISSED TUES. CLASS? --> we covered basics of HTML and a bit about the WYSIWYG BlueGriffon CMS--get notes from someone in the class.  There is no class meeting Thursday-->Do the reading and use the chapter reviews--time to prepare for Exam 2 is starting now. PLUS: See the HTML tutorial links below, in this week and next.  Go through and use those to start HTML training.  There will be an HTML quiz based on these in class Tuesday 2/20.

Project Work -- (a) you must continue to create / collect assets, (b) you are going through the steps as described here to create your WordPress.com site -- including adding your assets.  REMEMBER--do not put any content into your site that you did not create.

The 'online' work for the class this week is to begin an overview of html using online html tutorials,  Start today with these: Thursday class:  The 'online' work for the class this week is to begin an overview of html using online html tutorials,  Start today with these:  HTML HomeHTML IntroductionHTML EditorsHTML BasicHTML Elements.  
HTML Attributes, HTML Headings, HTML Paragraphs, HTML Styles, HTML Formatting, HTML Quotations, HTML Comments.  See below and continue using the HTML tutorials.  Practice writing by using TextWrangler or Notepad++

There are 3 languages all web developers must learn: _______ to define the content of web pages, ______ to specify the layout of web pages and __________ to program the behavior of web pages.
Week 6   (2/19-23)                   Reading:  Chapter 5         

Continuing overview of HTML/CSS/Javascript.   Initial overview of BlueGriffon.  

There will be an HTML quiz in class Tuesday 2/20 over links above and those below within this week.

Continue html training.  Use the html tutorials:  HTML ColorsHTML linksHTML styles (CSS)HTML images, HTML tables   Continue html training.  Online html tutorials:   HTML lists, HTML blocks, HTML Classes, HTML JavaScript, HTML File Paths, HTML layouts, HTML headHTML forms and input, HTML IframesHTMLQuiz.

MEDIA CONTENT TO BE IN YOUR WEB SITE:  (a) images you create, (b) graphics you create, (c) audio content you create or have created, (d) video content you create or have created, (e) short written materials including written media content, like newspaper articles, (f) slide shows, podcast content, social media content etc. as dictated by your multimedia experience.    WordPress for Beginners

Video Tutorials:
html5 and css3 for beginners tutorial, html5 and css3 for beginners 2, beginners tutorial 3,

Week 7   (2/26-3/2)                  Reading:  Chapter 8

Assigned WordPress theme must be established before Tuesday class time.  See initial directions above.
No two people can sign up for the same theme.  SIGN UP HERE.  password rtv420
Choose from one of these: https://www.codeinwp.com/blog/free-portfolio-wordpress-themes/
OR http://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/best-free-wordpress-blog-themes/
Remember that your site must have at least five different pages. 

Continute HTML:  HTML colors, HTML color names, HTML color valuesHTML Javascripts, HTML entities, HTML URL codes, HTML quick list, HTML summary
GO BACK TO THIS PAGE and look down the left column--do any of the tutorials not linked above.

HOW MUCH of html tutorials to do?  These links were to get you started--we've done this over a three week period where the directions were to keep doing html training.  At this point, look back at 'HTML Home' and look at the left column.  Do all under HTML Tutorials, then under HTML Forms, then under HTML5, then under HTML Graphics, then HTML Media.

All this to be ready for the HTML Quiz at start of class NEXT Tuesday, that will be about 1/5 of your Test 2 grade.

WordPress Dashboard for beginners        WP Beginner Web Site

Help with WordPress:  Example 1: Inserting Images, Example 2: Inserting Tables, (may not work in free version)
Making a 2 or 3-column table with html,

Week 8    (3/5-9)                       Reading:  Chapter 6

Major html quiz at the start of class Tuesday.  Discussion of Chapter 6.

CONTINUE to create media content for your online portfolio; be sure to continue to update your Assets List.
Not in your shared Google Drive folder?  It's not submitted. 
ADD a folder inside your Project Folder called Existing Media.  Inside that make a folder called Existing Audio and another called Existing Video.  Place anything created before this semester that you plan to use in your portfolio into the appropriate one of those folders.

Test 2  Thursday Chapters 5, 6, 8, 10, HTML and class content. 
Bring a green Scantron and pencils. 
Will also include HTML questions and some fill in the blank.  

MID SEMESTER / Spring Break

Week 9:      (3/19-23)                 Reading:  Chapter 7  (use the Chapter Review materials to improve your test grade)

You must come in for a scheduled review with the instructor of your work so far--see sign up link in next week's outline section.  You must sign up for Adobe Photoshop basic training / review this week. 

Working around IT / computer issues, you will follow these directions to start using BlueGriffon. THURSDAY:  Here's your starting BlueGriffon assignment:  download BlueGriffon to your own computer or use the video edit stations in PAC 117.  Currently station A and C have the latest version of BlueGriffin.  Have your images ready to insert into the pages you create.
Make a Folder on the computer desktop named YourLastName BG Project.  Do a screen capture of the full screen as soon as Blue Griffon loads onto the desktop.  Name that screen capture file YourLastName BG1.  Then follow the directions as found in the .doc link above.  Be sure to save the first page you create, the Home Page, as index.html (as noted in the directions), into your BG desktop folder.  Plan to do screen captures of what you do along the way, so as soon as you get the end of the linked directions and have a basic home page, do a  (Command / Shift / 3 on a Mac) screen capture and name it YourLastName BG2. 
NEXT, let's work from a Template.  In BlueGriffon, go to File and Open, then in the box that opens copy and past the link:  https://freewebsitetemplates.com/preview/gardenwalkthrough/plants.html   and click OK.   (Note, any time you might get an unresponsive scrip error message go ahead and click Continue, it should open normally.)  You should now have two tabs open.  Do some basic edits on the template page that opened, like change PLANTS to YourName Portfolio, or to YourName Media Page. NOW, do a Save as, and save that page into your BG folder as WorkSamples.html   (in the Save As box, note the folder it's saving to, and that Format is html)  Now, go to your index tab.  We don't have tabs and other navigation tools on our Home Page yet, so, in the body text you created based on the linked directions, select some words from your text and highlight them by clicking and dragging over them with your mouse.  (See the 'follow these directions' link above as an example.)  With those words highlighted, click on the 'chain link' looking icon near the top middle of the BlueGriffon editor page.  After doing so, in the space that says Target, enter WorkSamples.html     NEXT, select any other area of a few words of text.  Click the Link icon again and in the space enter the URL of your WordPress portfolio site.  (like https://SmithPortfolio.WordPress.com).  Save the index page.  Do a screen capture and name it YourLastName BG3. In the top menu icons you should see an image like a globe that if you hover over it says Preview in Browser.  Click that, then on the page that loads in your browser, see if your two links work.

NEXT, click on and open the WorkSamples tab.  Spend 30-60 minutes editing that page.  Change the text to content that would fit your online portfolio.  Replace image locations with your own images.  Replace placeholder text with your own text.  Make this look like a page of your web site. For any online media you have (Google Drive,YouTube etc.) link to that from your page.  Try to see how far you can go to make this template page into one that looks like it fits your web site. Link from this page back to your home page on the Home tab.  In other tabs, link About to your LinkedIn page, change Plants to Video Samples and Gardens to Writing Samples.  On the Connect area of the footer, link to your own of any of these (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and make the Email us go to your email address (like mailto: TonyDeMars@leo.tamuc.edu)

Screen captures are due emailed no later than 5 pm Monday 3/26.  If file size prevents email attachments, either send multiple emails, or put them in a folder in your Google Drive named BlueGriffon. Keep them also in your project folder; save the folder and all its contents you create and bring that on a flash drive to class on Tuesday.  Include your images and any other media content you have the physical files of in that folder.  I may keep the flash drives for a few days--be sure your drive is named when loaded on a computer and has your initials on it.

Week 10:     (3/26-30)               Reading:  Chapter 9   

Review of BlueGriffon work so far.  Screen captures and flash drive with folder due as noted above.

Graphic Design Portfolios

Guidelines about Portfolio Presentations.  They're not 'ad-lib' --> Required Presentation Guidelines are here.  WordPress Dashboard and Web Site knowledge demonstrations at scheduled times.  Canva, Bannerfans and other free tools; Adobe Photoshop.    HTML and CSS in WordPress

Short film:  computer programming.  Python beginning tutorial.  Video tutorial on iOS12 year old app developer (he's now 19).  Thomas Suarez LinkedIn  
**  What does your online portfolio demonstrate that you're good at and people need you for? **
From the Computer Programming video
:  "Here we are, 2013.  We all depend on technology--to communicate, to bank, information...and none of us know how to read and write code." --Will.i.am

We're still thinking in terms of 'we are in media; we are content developers--but, how much of what's going on in computer programming should we be able to do? -- How do we make 'the next level' of media content, such as VR and AR?  USC VRMichio Kaku and Second Life - teleimmersion.  Birth of the CAVE (pocket cathedral)   Futurists article from 2013Ray Kurzweil commentary.         ** Second Life 'today' **

THURSDAY:   Project work.  Before Thursday class time, or no later than during Thursday class time, create a Canva account and spend 45 minutes creating at least one and ideally 2-3 graphics that you can use in your Multimedia Portfolio.  Save those to your computer and then upload them to your Graphics folder in your Google Drive.  THEN, open BannerFans and make at least a Header Image for your home page, then try to make some variations for some areas of your other pages.  If the system does not allow you to save any files you create, use Command/Shift/4 to capture the area of the graphic.  Be sure to name all graphics media files.
ONCE YOU HAVE CREATED THESE -- and uploaded them to your Graphics folder, send an email to then instructor, no later than 3:30 pm Thursday, stating that you have completed the initial graphics work, subject of the email: 420 graphics.
In that email message, also restate the WordPress Theme your site is based on AND the site's URL, like SmithPortfolio.WordPress.com .    If you changed your WordPress Theme since the 3/5 deadline, explain why.

REMEMBER--  (A) Web site must have at least five pages.  (B)  Continue to create media content for your online portfolio; be sure to continue to update your Assets List.  You must continue to add new assets on your own each week; Google Drive folders will be checked at random for progress.   Mock up / rough version of initial web site due in two weeks.
Week 11:           (4/2-6)               Reading:  Chapter 11

We have covered general parameters of your work--your goal is to incorporate those into a Multimedia Web Site that demonstrates the variety of your multimedia skills.  THIS WEEK, by Thursday, is the time to arrange for individual help with any of your site development issues:  Allie or Cheyne while on duty as PA may be able to offer some help OR schedule a time with the instructor. 

CONTINUE to create media content for your online portfolio; be sure to continue to update your Assets List.  ASSIGNMENT:  Write short paragraph pieces for your pages and put those into your Drive:
site scripts, text pieces due by Friday.  Create more images for your pages.  Create more graphics.  You must continue to add new assets on your own.

Copyright Issues:  What can and what can we NOT put into our production?  What is 'fair use'?  'public domain'?  'creative commons'?  How challenging are copyright issues? (Harry Fox Agency / see show credits).  Performance licensing, blanket license vs. needle drop, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Sound Exchange, synchronization license / master use license, criminal and civil issue, cease and desist vs. settlement vs. court ruling.  Keep these in mind as you create your content. 


Week 12:          (4/9-13)              Reading:  Chapter 12                    

Web site must have at least five pages.  Mock up / rough version of initial web site due by Friday.  Send URL via email to instructor and within a document file to save as an independent file inside your your RTV 420 S18 folder. 
Blue Griffon based project work—must bring project flash drive to Tuesday class.

'Interactive media' ideas:  Create YourOwn PodcastHow to Create a PodcastLive Bookmarks in Firefox
                                        Web Video Samples (see various clips on this page), Web Video Samples 2 (RSS)
                                        'Product videos' samples Future technologies.

Test 3 Tuesday:  Chapters 7, 9, 11, 12 and class notes.  Bring green Scantron and pencils.
(use the Chapter Review materials to improve your test grade)

Thursday:  Show us your pages and content so far and talk about what your plans are to have your final web site ready by class time Thursday 4/27.  Talk about how you will demonstarte your familiarity with Audio, Video, Photography, Graphics, Web Authoring and the Skill Area you want your site to demonstrate about you.

Critical thinking about digital media / multimedia / multi-platform communication.

Week 13           (4/16-20)             Reading:  Chapter 13 and podcasting online link

TUES:  Overview of Chapter 13 main points.

The Web Site Drive folder must have:  (a)  the Final Draft Résumé and cover letter,   (b) an MS Word or Google Docs page with you site's URL  (c)  direct URL links to each page with a new audio file you created this semester for your site (and a note with the URL describing what the audio is) and (d)  direct URL links to each page with a new video file you created this semester for your site (and a note with the URL describing what each video is), PLUS INSIDE THE ASSETS FOLDER
(e) a folder named IMAGES -- - ones you shot this semester for your site (plus a sub-folder inside that folder that's named 'older images' and has pictures your took before this class,  (f) a folder of VIDEOS for all videos you created prior to this class to put into this web site listed in a .doc file PLUS all your new videos as .mov files, (g)  a separate folder of AUDIO for all audio files you created prior to this semester listed in a .doc file PLUS all your new audio files as .mp3 files   (h) a folder of GRAPHICS you have created to go into your web site, (i) a folder of TEXT that has all the body copy that exists in your web site, broken down as a separate paragraph for for each bit of information as it exists in various locations on your site.
Remember -- put all items correctly into the Assets folder and their subfolders.

THURS:  Project work day--work on your project on your own.  Schedule a time with the instructor this week for any specific help you need.

Week 14           (4/23-27)             Reading:  Chapter 14 and online about app development  

Videos: How to Build an iPhone app.   App instead of web page...  See Como (formerly Conduit) and their CLM (Customer Loyalty Management)

Final web site due by class time Thursday.  Al content on Google Drive or flash drive.

Final presentation outline due as email attachment to the instructor by 10 pm Sunday 4/29.
Must send: (a) URL for home page, (b) full screen capture of each page of your web site, sent as attachments--and each named for what they are, like YourLastName Videos, YourLastNameResume (etc.)

Thursday:   Test 4 -- Class content plus Chapters 13, 14, online reading. 

Week 15          (4/30-5/4)         

Tuesday:  Begin Final Portfolio presentations.   Five presentations chosen at random.

Thursday: Remaining Final Portfolio presentations, order
chosen at random. 

Finals Week   (5/7-11)

Comprehensive Final Exam, Tues. May 8, 1:15 pm.  Bring green Scantron and pencils.  Late arrivals lose points.