RTV 440 Weekly Outline, Spring 2018                       

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Your indication of what to study comes from your own notes taken while doing the assigned reading and from notes you should take from what is covered in class. That also means you must pay attention to instructions in class.  For questions regarding anything you miss in class, you must meet with the professor during regular office hours. LINKS indicated in the hard copy of this document below are found in this online outline.  Immediately email the instructor if you discover a dead link.  You should not expect responses to emails outside normal work hours. Most class-related communication must occur individually between the student and the instructor during scheduled office hours.  No grade discussions via email nor around or during class.

120-Day e-Book rental, $29.23:  https://www.vitalsource.com/referral?term=9781315462196

Week 1: (1/17)  How to use the XA20. XA20 tutorial (quiz will be based on this).  Shoot ONLY in 16:9, MP4, 24 Mbps, ND filter OFF.  You must have your own SDXC or SDHC Class 10 card. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN COPY of the required textbook for the course.  Each exam, you must bring it with you, and your exam grade is zero if you don’t have either a hard copy or eBook. THIS WEEK'S READING: Book Intro and Chapter 2: Locating the News

A few standard rules: (a) no students in the department (RTV or Journalism) in interviews for stories, (b) no acquaintances in interviews in any story (c) you cannot skip any class, ours or others, to cover a story, (d) camera check-out is 4 hours max with no back-to-back checkouts  (e) you must shoot and edit all your own stories--no one may work with and/or help you do the work,  (f) add your own name-key graphics to a news story only if assigned to do so, (g) a VSV is always two separate media files of about :60 TRT each , (h) no food or drink in any editing, production or studio space, (i) you assume all financial responsibility for any equipment checked out and // or damaged ..... AND (g) if you check out equipment and/or log on to a computer for anyone else than yourself and your own work in this class, you must have specific written permission from the instructor in advance or you are reported for misuse of facilities.  Anything done contrary to these rules will cause points loss in grading and the course grade. NOT COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE with shooting & editing? Come get help.

Week 2:   (1/22-26)        READING THIS WEEK:  Chap. 3 Developing Stories   
Chapter by chapter review questions

You must be certified as trained with Canon video cameras by this week.  You must sign up for extra training with Final Cut Pro or be certified as well-trained.  Sign up sheets posted by PAC 117 PA Room. Not signed up or no-show affects your grade.

Good composition examples 1 Composition 2. Composition 3.

Each person must have his / her own Class 10 SDHC or SDXC card this week—.   VSV SCRIPT       PKG SCRIPT

Interview script in this style due as typed hard copy at start of class Wednesday. Turn it in when you arrive.

See Project Work page

Week 3:  (1/29-2/2) Chapter 10  Interviewing  Types of Leads, Leads 2, Leads 3  (will be on quiz and tests).

Monday 1/29:  Dr. DeMars is out sick.  Watch these:  Shooting TV News Part 1   . Shooting TV News Part 2 and take your own handwritten notes--bring the notes Wednesday and turn in as you arrive.  ADD to your notes a list if the Types of leads as found in the three links above, where you list each lead and then enter a brief description.

Using the story script provided and the interview script you created, interview someone who can speak well about the story topic.  We’re always looking for someone ‘connected to the story.’ 

Note your recording of your interview must start as detailed on the Interview Script Sample: “SET UP YOUR CAMERA and frame up a 1-shot of the guest as a chest shot with proper look space” etc.  Recorded video interview due complete by Friday.

Submitting work: (a) raw footage must be in the Project 1 folder on your edit station.
  To submit edited media, scripts, etc.: You must set up a flash drive *(or online, see below) containing a folder named YourLastName RTV 440 S18.  The flash drive must be named YourName and must have your initials on its exterior. It must be submitted in an approved box with your name on it. Bring it to every class. Create a subfolder inside that main folder called Story 1, then later Story 2, etc.   No-Name drives will not be graded.  Flash drive must be submitted in an approved box with your name on it.  *ALTERNATE OPTION: The same folder structure may be created online, such as in Google Drive. Do a shared link of the main YourLastName RTV 440 S18 folder:  In Google Drive the shared link is done by highlighting the folder and clicking the '+person' icon to then click 'get shareable link.'  Email that link to the instructor.  Be sure 'Anyone with the link can view' above the link is selected.  Inside that folder will be separate Story 1, Story 2, etc. folders. If not done correctly, items due are marked not submitted when checked.  Due dates are the same. Whichever submission approach you use, all content required for the project must be in the story folder associated with its story--the .mov media file(s), the story script, research materials, interview script(s) etc. (but NOT raw footage unless requested). Every digital file must be named: YourLastName ContentDescription, like 'Smith Story 1 interview script'. This is due now.
The interview due this week must be uploaded to your Story 1 folder by Friday, or if you do the flash drive is due to the box in the PA room by 1 pm Friday. 

Week 4:  (2/5-9)  READING THIS WEEK Chapter 4. Collecting Information from Real and Virtual Documents.  

Edited VSV story due by Friday (Training Grade , Part 1a) in Google Drive folder or flash drive.  Must be two media files of :45 - :60 each ('tape 1' and 'tape 2') to be used within a TV newscast.  Length and implementation are based on (a) following instructions provided in class, (b) using the provided examples as found on the Project Work Page, and (c) using the provided script as a guide toward what to produce. Flash drive must be properly boxed and labeled and submitted to PA room by 1 pm Friday.  See file naming requirements. See Project Directions for all specifics.  Post two beat ideas: due before Monday class. (password: rtv440)    
Chapter by chapter review questions

WED.  EXAM # 1: all content covered to date.  Bring green Scantron & pencils.
  Includes fill in the blank and possible short answer questions.    As noted in class last week--watch the next two videos and take notes:
Doing TV News #3Doing TV News #4  bring notes to class on 2/12.

Week 5     
(2/12-16)  READING THIS WEEK: Chap. 1 AND The Texas Public Information Act  

Edit the material so far into a :60 - :80 news package with two sound bites.  Due by Friday. NOTE that a PKG normally would have at least three sound bites from at least two different sound bite / interview guests and be :90 as produced.  As a practice PKG we are only focusing on structure and production, but the remaining packages must be done as normal.
SIGN UP HERE --(password rtv440)
Before Wed.  class time, post three news story topics for next week, two from your approved beats (as signed up above), one general assignment.   Sign up due in Wednesday class for initial A-project plans.  Two of those must sign up for 2/19 & 2/20 meetings as next story.  [Upcoming City Council:   2/20, 3/20, 4/17] [School Board 2/19]   Reread & use these "Handouts":  Leads1, Leads2, Leads3

SIGN UP HERE for story review meeting next week:  Note--only sign up if you have done all assigned story work: (a) camera and FCP training, (b) b-roll shooting, (c) interview script, (d) edited VSV media files, (e) edited PKG -- AND have properly shared (submitted) all of your work via Google Drive or flash drive as described above.  Your grade is zero if you have not done the assigned work, so no review is necessary.  No-shows will have project grade reduction.

Week 6   (2/19-23)     READING--Chapter 5 Beats, Spot News, and Reporting Assignments & Chapter 9 Fieldwork

Story review with instructor required this week. See sign up link above.  Not signed up or no-show reduces your grade by 50%.  BEGIN TRAINING STORY 2 (Training Grade, Part 2), based on selection and approval of your own topic. Keep copies of all materials used to gather information about your story.  Final story submission will be story script, then interview scripts(s), then all other supporting materials stapled together and submitted at time of story submission.  Story topic approval due by Tuesday--some will have been done last week.  Story event must occur by 2/28.

Week 7   (2/26-3/2)       NBS Week   READING THIS WEEK -- Chapter 11 Covering Planned Events. 

If your event was last week, your completed PKG is due by Wednesday.  We will assign about half the class to re-edit your story into a VSV--EVERYONE must write and upload a VSV version script of your story.  If your PKG is due Wednesday, your VSV is due Friday.  As always, refer to the Project Work Page for more details, including server upload information and file naming.  ALSO on that page are the five Field Shooting 30-minute videos--you were to have watched 1-4 and submitted notes earlier--as noted in class last Wednesday, now watch #5 and turn in notes at the start of class 2/26.

Standup examples 1,   
Walk and talk sample.   Wireless mic use sample (some are 'distant from camera, some are sequenced).  Variety of creative MMJ stand ups.

NPPA Storytelling 'Handout' as noted last week in class--will be on test.  Writing main points noted in class.

Interview script due at Monday class time (*OR earlier).  Rough draft story script due at Wednesday class time (*OR earlier).
*script always due before shooting.  [City Council above; School Board meetings: 3/22 & 4/16]

Week 8   (3/5-9)        READING THIS WEEK –Chap. 18: Portfolio Development                              

MON:  Overview of lighting (will be on Test 2).  
Your PKG is due by 5 pm Monday
.  Re-edit as a VSV due by Tuesday--communicate with Sidnee Bacy and the TV Newscast producing team. Your work is NOT SUBMITTED unless you also turn in a final draft hard copy of the story script, with all supporting materials stapled underneath.  If approved for upload to the online news site, you must get it uploaded this week also.           Chapter by chapter review questions
Reminder: Every PKG must have a 2-shot, and must make good use of nat sound and sequences. This clipping -- one if that does not work try this link -- from one of the news videos you were to have watched has the 2-shot right before the sound bite (this works well) plus has a nat pop open and nat sound transitions inside, plus has sequenced shots.

WEDNESDAY:  Mid Term Exam.  All content covered since Test 1, including NPPA Storytelling, but also including 'Leads Handouts' linked above and all five Shooting TV News videos.   Bring green Scantron and pencils.
PLAN for B or A project work: one story must be City Council or School Board.  Dates listed above.  Two people cannot cover the same story.

Demo reel video  from Denise Bishop et al. 

MID SEMESTER / Spring Break

Week 9:      (3/19-23)      READING:  Chapter 13:  Voiceovers, Packages, and Story Formats.  

Tuesday:  Audio overview (not in reading, will be on Test)    REVIEW -- Sequencing in visual storytelling

STORY 3 DEADLINES:  Interview script must be uploaded before doing the interview.  Rough draft story script due before you start to edit.  COMPLETED PKG due no later than one week after the event you cover, and VSV script and edited VSV version due no later than 10 days after the event, with absolute final deadlines listed below.

Upcoming City Council:   [3/20, 4/17]  
School Board:  [
3/22 & 4/16]
REQUIRED TRAINING:  schedule a time with a PA and learn all stations in the TV studio this week.
Submit 3 or more news story topics (MUST BE events from 3/19 through 28 ONLY) from your beat areas, due before class time Monday.  DOING B-PROJECT WORK?  If so, Select story topic and get approval by Tuesday, PKG due by 5 pm Mon. 4/2.  NOTE:  Once you miss this or any remaining deadlines, you cannot earn higher than a C grade for the course.  B grade required on ‘B’ and ‘A’ course projects for credit – see grading above.  ‘A-Project’ requires one story from City Council or School Board.  REMEMBER: you must select and have approved your Story 3 topic by 3/20.
ALSO --> if you get a 'no grade' on your Story 2 script, see the options in the Project Guide.

KOTV Tulsa, Newscast TD behind the scenes.
Week 10:     (3/26-30)       READING THIS WEEK:  Chapter 14 & 15: Producing TV News and Producing Radio News.

FOR STORIES SHOT LAST WEEK: completed PKGs are due this week.  VSV version due no later than 4/2 deadline.

Sign Up Here for Story 3 Review.

MONDAY UPDATE:  WE WILL INSTEAD MEET in the classroom today.

We will try later to meet in the TV studio
at class time for mock newscast. 
Initial Round 1 Studio Assignments:  Anchors:  Maria and Kai.     Director: Allie.     TD:  Courtney      Server:  Lauryn & Tanner.      Audio:  Christian
Prompter:  Cristhian.       CG: 
Acacia.        Cameras:  Cindy, Dareious, Matt         Floor Director:  Eva
ROUND 2 today--you will rotate to a completely different position -- be prepared for anything (see training requirement)
ROUND 3 today--you will again rotate to a completely different position.

Interview script due at Monday class time (*OR earlier).  * Interview script must be uploaded before you do the interview
Rough draft story script due no later than Friday (*OR earlier).  Story event must be by 4/4.    *script always due in your Google Drive, appropriate Story folder, before shooting. 
VSV version script of your story due by 4/2.

Week 11:      (4/2-6)       READING THIS WEEK:  Chapter 6 & 8 Newswriting Mechanics and Writing News Leads.
plus watch these: Writing Your ScriptWriting NewsHow to write a lead

Sign Up Here for Story 3 ReviewYou must sign up to have your current story work reviewed.  Not signed up or no-show reduces your grade by 50%.   Final story and all supporting materials (final draft script, etc.), with lose pages stapled, deadline is 5 pm Monday 4/9; VSV version due by 5 pm Tuesday 4/10 .   Remember hard copy final draft script with all supporting materials must be submitted to indicate you have completed all project work.  Turning it in when not through reduces your grade. Not submitting it means you did not submit your story.

Week 12:   (4/9-13)    (BEA)    READING THIS WEEK:  Chapter 7 Newswriting Style.

Before Monday class:  Review the
Chap. 18: Portfolio Development content:  Demo reel video  from Denise Bishop et al.  for follow-up discussion today and Career Development discussion and overview.

DOING A-PROJECT WORK?  If so, Select story topic and get approval by Tuesday, PKG story due by 5 pm Mon. 4/25.  NOTE:  Once you miss this or any remaining deadlines, you cannot earn higher than a C grade for the course.  B grade required on ‘B’ and ‘A’ course projects for credit – see grading above.     
Chapter by chapter review questions

WED.  EXAM # 3: all content covered since Mid Term.  Bring green Scantron & pencils.

Sign Up Here
if you're doing a Story 4.    This is for anyone who has a high enough grade to make an A or for someone who wants it to offer a few possible points added to the final course average as a possible grade improvement.  Mediocre stories will not help your grade-->REMINDER:  'B'' and 'A' stories must themselves be of 'B' or 'A' quality to count for the course grade.  See below for due dates.  Story is a PKG only and must be uploaded to the East Texan online.  In the outcue, say "I'm (my name) A&M-Commerce, The East Texan Online."

Week 13         (4/16-19)         READING THIS WEEK:  Chapter 16 Delivering the News

Interview script due at Monday class time (*OR earlier). Rough draft PKG story script due at Wednesday class time (*OR earlier).  Story event must be by 4/20.   *script always due before shooting. 

Week 14    (4/23-27)  READING THIS WEEK:  Chapter 12   Reporting Live.  Live Shots.

Story and all supporting materials (final draft script, etc.), with lose pages stapled, due by 8 pm Wednesday.   Upload due no later than Friday.     Backpack Journalism Kit 1, Doing Backpack Journalism, Smartphone Journalism, iOgrapher frame
Technical issues of live shots / content issues of live shots.
Live Shot Example (no video).  How a live shot is done using microwave, including wraparound / Sony sandwich with 'package in middle, then one with a 'vo-sot' in the middle.  Cell Phone Live Shot.   Skype live shot.
.TV Live Shot new tech -- Backpack journalism

Week 15      (4/30-5/4)        READING THIS WEEK:    Chapter 17

Review TV news reporter portfolios.  Test 4 on Wednesday over content covered since Test 3.

COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM:  Monday May 7th, 1:15 pm