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Dr. Amy Corp

Assistant Professor, tenure track

Department Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: TAMUC- Navarro Partnership Main Office

Office Hours: T: 11-5 TH: 11-3

Phone: 903-875-7566


Professional Vita

Teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in early childhood education and elementary education, supervising undergraduate students in the teaching field.



Ed. D. Curriculum and Instruction
Elementary Math Cognate
Baylor University, 2014

M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction
Texas A & M University -Commerce, 2010

B.S., Elementary Education (P-8 Certification)
Kennesaw State University, 1996

Associate in Biblical Studies
Biblical Studies
Moody Bible Institute, 1994

Teaching Experience

2014-present   Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University- Commerce

2010- 2014  Clinical Instructor, TAMU-Commerce & Teacher of Record, Baylor University: Teacher Education 

2005-2011 Teacher (5th, 1st), Waxahachie ISD
2001-2003 Teacher (Spec. Ed, 1st) Pontiac Public Schools
1998-1999 Adult Education Instructor, Dallas ISD
1997-2001 Teacher (2nd) Dallas ISD


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Corp, A. (2014, October) African American stories to teach math: How do students respond? Research paper presented at the 21th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Teaching and Curriculum, Tampa, FL.

Corp, A. (2012) Teaching Mathematics through fiction, American Association for Teaching and Curriculum 19th Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, October, 2012.

Practitioner presentations:

Gupta, D. & Corp, A. (July, 2017) 2 for 1: Mathematics and Reading and interactive sessions for teachers to integrate math and stories presented twice at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching, Ft. Worth,                   Texas.

Corp, A. (2016, September) Promoting cultural diversity with quality literature across the subjects. Teaching strategy presentation at the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children, Dallas, Texas.

Corp, A. (2016, January) Making mathematics and science connections with stories. Teaching strategies at the Educational First Steps Annual Early Childhood Conference, Dallas, Texas.          

Corp, A. (2015, September) When to introduce numbers (3-4yr olds). Practitioner presentation at the Leading to Literacy Weekday Education Conference in Garland, Texas.

Corp, A (2015, May) Bridging multicultural stories to mathematics. Teaching strategy presentation presented at the Bill Martin Jr. Symposium in Commerce, Texas.

Corp, A. (2012) Engaging students with nonfiction texts: Making connections, Texas Association for Institutional Research Regional Conference, Waco, Texas, October, 2012.

Corp, A. (2012) Using apps to teach place value for elementary students, Teachers Teaching with Technology Regional Conference, Waco, Texas, October 2012.


Corp, A. (2012) From the good book to the hood (poster presentation) American Association for Teaching and Curriculum 19th Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, October, 2012.

Research Grants and Awards

2006, Science Readers for ESL, Education Foundation, Waxahachie, Texas $1800

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