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This is the gateway for information on departmental policies for pursuing certification in secondary English, middle school English, Spanish, and ESL.  

Internship Approval Process

All students who wish to take any teacher certification exam must follow the same departmental procedure to receive approval for internship, although major policies and “at risk” criteria for different tests will apply.

Students must have:

1. Completed all major course work OR be in the last semester of  major course work (no Incomplete grades allowed).  Students may appeal to the appropriate TExES adviser for early approval if they believe their circumstances require taking a content TExES before completing course work.
 2. Met the specific program requirements of their majors.
 3. Met with the appropriate TExES Adviser from the Department of Literature and Languages to review test plans, discuss department policies, and fill out the Advising Form.

 “At Risk” Criteria

Students who meet one or more of the following department criteria will be designated by the Department of Literature and Languages as “at risk for failing TExES/TOPT.”  Students who are at risk will not be approved for an internship until they have fulfilled a department remediation plan with the appropriate adviser. 

1. A “C” or lower grade in major-designated classes;
 2. A grade of "C" or lower in more than one course (undergraduate or graduate, at any university or college) in their major field.
 3. A GPA lower than 3.0 in the upper-level (300-400) major courses OR a GPA lower than 3.5 in graduate courses; OR
 4. A THEA Reading Score below 250.

More specific information, including a listing of required courses and the “major-designated classes,” is provided in the links below:

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