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Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary (CLD)

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (CALD)

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDCE)

Macmillan Dictionary (MD)

Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary (MWLD)

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21 Classes Corporative Learning:


Creating Rubrics Online:


Google Docs:

Mahara Online Open Source E-portfolios:


Project Syndicate: The World Opinion Page:

Purdue University Online Writing Lab:



Famous People English Reading with Questions:

Graphic Organizers by Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition:

Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers:

Read Write Think:

Spreeder—online speed reading training:

Stumbleupon (tailored to individual interests):


Vocabulary exercises for the Academic Word List:

Wordle—Beautiful Word Cloud:

WordNet- smart thesaurus:




Common errors in English:

English Grammar Basics:

Grammar girl’s tips:

Idiom connection:

Marsha Chan’s first 2,000 most frequent word quizzes:

Perfect English Grammar:

Traditional ESL Grammar Activities:

Listening & Speaking

American English sound pronunciation guide:

American English pronunciation:


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Breaking News English:

Conversation starters in daily life:

Elllo listening library:

English Accent Coach:

English with Jennifer:

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Eview interviews with different English accents:

Simple English News with transcripts:

Storycorps—Stories from Everyday People:

Ted talks (Ideas worth spreading):

The American Life—Radio Archives & Podcasts:

The Effortless English Blog:

The Moth—True Stories Told Alive:

Video Dropbox:

Watching youtube videos without ads and comments:

Youglish (using Youtube to improve English pronunciation):


Creating visual ideas:

Creating visual ideas:

Digital story telling:

Digital story telling center:

Educreations—Interactive Whiteboard:

Flickr photo sharing:

Fotofriend video recording & editing:

Jing (sharing images and videos of your computer screen):


Renderforest (Online video and animation maker in the Cloud):


Wallwisher online posting board:



Pragmatics & Culture

Film Script Database (over 1,000 downloadable scripts):

Global Voices (more than 300 bloggers & translators around the world):

International News:


Pew Global Attitudes Project:

SecondLife--Gaming & Virtual Interaction:

Seinfeld Scripts for 180 Episodes from Nine Seasons:

Speech Acts Database Compiled by CARLA Institute:

Speech Acts Lesson Plans from American English:

Teacher's Guide to Currency Around the World:

The Cultura Exchange Project Website:

World Values Survey:

Self-study & Spelling

5 minute ESL lessons:

BBC Learning English (many business English resources):

English guide: (Free online English lessons & ESL / EFL resources):

ESL gold (with everything you need!):

ESL help resources:

Learn American English Online:

Learn English games:

Learn English Kids:

Learn English speaking free:

Online/mobile notecards:

Spelling practice game:

The Ultimate Spelling Resource Guide:

UE help for students learning English:


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