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  1. Parental Involvement. It is widely accepted that parents play a vital role in the success of their children’s education; yet, teachers tend to involve them in rather superficial ways. For the past several years we have been researching the impact that home visits can have on relationships, behavior, and achievement. In spite of reluctance to conduct home visits, research clearly demonstrates a 90% probability that just one home visit by the teacher will improve behavior, classroom work, and relationships between teacher and students and between teacher and parents.
  2. Effective Spelling Instruction.One of my long standing research interests is the study of the difference between the spelling strategies students are taught to use and strategies actually used. Among the many findings are that students rarely use the strategies they are taught, teachers do not use the strategies they themselves teach their students to use, and the strategies found in most spelling programs are strategies for reading but not spelling. The outcome of this research seems to suggest unequivocally that spelling curriculums available today need to be revised so they reflect research-based best practices.

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