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ETEC 567 – Multi-Media Production

Tentative Schedule


Instructor:  Dr. Jason Lee Davis
Section:     401
Term:         Spring 2003  (032)
January 13

Introduction, Register in on-line course


January 20

MLK, Jr. Holiday – No Class


January 27



February 3

On-Line Meeting

  7:30 – All reviews must be posted

  8:30 – On-line review discussion

Article Review #1

February 10

Multi-Media Development


February 17

Multi-Media Development


February 24

On-line Meeting

  7:30 – All reviews must be posted

  8:30 – On-line review discussion

Article Review #2

March 3

Multi-Media Presentations

Multi-Media Presentation

March 10

Multi-Media Presentations


March 17



March 24

On-line Meeting/Website Development


March 31

Website Development


April 7

Website/Portfolio Development


April 14

On-line Meeting/Portfolio Development


April 21

Portfolio Development/CD Burning


April 28

Portfolio Presentations

Electronic Portfolio

May 5

Portfolio Presentations




Requirements and Assignments

Article Reviews – 15%:  Students will be required to identify and review two journal articles dealing with the instructional use of multi-media.  Reviews must be from 200 to 300 words and must demonstrate appropriate writing skills.  Reviews must be posted in the online component of the course for discussion.  The source of the article reviewed MUST be cited.  Reviews must be posted in the online component of the course for discussion.  Students are encouraged to respond to reviews in the threaded discussion.  Each of the two reviews can earn up to five (5) points each.  The remaining five (5) points may earned by responding to other posted reviews.

Participation – 15%:  All students must contribute to discussions on article reviews.  All students must be active participants in class activities.  Students may not use computers for non-class activities while class is in session.  The use of computers for playing games, chatting, e-mail, or working on assignments or discussions in other on-line courses is prohibited and will result in a reduction in participation credit.  Monitors are to be turned off during student presentations and the presenter should be given the respect of the full attention of the class.  Students must be in attendance to earn participation credit.

Multi-media Presentation – 20%:  Students will be required to produce a multi-media presentation dealing with a topic relative to the course.  The presentation should consist of a combination of text, graphic images, audio, and video.  Each presentation will be presented to the class by the student.  The details of the presentation will be discussed in class.

Multi-media Website – 25%:  Each student will design and create an interactive multi-media website.  The details and required content will be discussed in class.

Portfolio – 25%:  Each student will compile an electronic portfolio containing copies of article reviews, presentation, website, and any other work produced in this class.  Materials should be in a form suitable for inclusion in the student’s professional portfolio.  The electronic portfolio will be burned to CD-ROM  and the final product will be presented to the class.


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