Texas A&M University-Commerce

Department of Secondary and Higher Education

ETEC 579 – Administration of
Educational Technology Programs



Term:  Summer I 2003                    Sections:  01S & 41R
Instructor:  Dr. Jason Lee Davis



Overview of Activity


This case study exercise is patterned after the case study component of the Master Technology Teacher Certification Exam, and similar exams, as presented in the TExMaT Preparation Manual.  For increased applicability to the focus of the course, the student will consider the role of Technology Administrator rather than Master Technology Teacher.  The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to work through a technology scenario as an organized activity.

Each student will write a response to the Sample Case Study on page 53 of the Preparation Manual referenced above in accordance with guidelines set forth on page 52 of the Manual.  Groups will then be assigned to evaluate the individual responses based on the performance characteristics detailed in Section V (pages 49-53) of the Manual.  Each individual is responsible for submitting their score, as determined by the group, to the instructor via direct e-mail in the courseware, following the score scale tabulated on page 50 of the manual.

Upon completion of the individual evaluations, each group will formulate a single response to the scenario.  These group responses shall be uploaded to the designated location in the on-line courseware so as to be accessible the members of the other groups.

Each individual will then evaluate the other groups’ responses and post the scores to the designated discussion group in the Courseware.  This will provide feedback to the groups based on colleague interpretation. 

For the purposes of this class, any reference to “Master Technology Teacher” should be replaced with “Educational Technology Program Administrator.”



On-line Resources/References:


Ř      Master Technology Teacher Preparation Manualgo here for detailed directions and the sample case study.


Rev. 06/30/2003