Texas A&M University-Commerce

Department of Secondary and Higher Education

ETEC 579 – Administration of
Educational Technology Programs



Term:  Summer I 2003                    Sections:  01S & 41R
Instructor:  Dr. Jason Lee Davis



Overview of Project


You are to create a complete written pre-proposal for an unsolicited grant.  The general purpose of this grant pre-proposal will be to provide for the creation of a technology facility at a school district or business.  A potential grant funding entity must be identified.  Optionally, upon approval of the instructor, the proposal may be written in response to a specific Request For Proposal (RFP)/Request For Application (RFA) or to address an identifiable need.  You are urged to design a relevant and timely proposal serving a useful purpose in your district, discipline, business, or area of educational focus.  The final product must be a work of sufficient quality to submit to the entity for funding consideration. 


Required elements of the proposal


  • Introduction including purpose statement and identification of potential grant funding entity.
  • Justification of the project.
  • Target population intended to benefit from the project.
  • Scope of the project:  geographic range, number of individuals involved, etc.
  • Duration of the project (generally from 3 to 5 years)
  • Goals of each phase of implementation.  (generally by year)
  • Budget for the project.  (By year or phases)
  • Equipment list with costs grouped by phase.  (year 1 …, year 2 …, year 3 …, etc.)
  • Local administration of the project.  (who will be responsible for on-site administration and implementation as the Project Director and what is the scope of this individual’s, and/or associated committees’, duties.)
  • Intended means of providing personnel support for the project. (salaries are generally NOT fundable with grant monies)
  • Sources for matching funds or in-kind contributions.
  • Performance measures. (How will project success/effectiveness be determined)
  • Proposal must support Tech Plan.


Optional elements of the proposal


  • Institution/Division/Department/Project Technology Plan.  (May be included in Appendix as supporting material)
  • Manufacturer’s spec. sheets.



On-line Resources:


Ø      SchoolGrants
…contains several samples of successful PK-12 grant proposals, grant opportunities and writing tips.

Ø      Texas Education Agency (TEA) Grants Administration

Ø      TEA Grantseeker’s Resource Guide

Ø      Telecommunications Infrastructure Find (TIF) Board Grants

      …TIF grants may no longer a reliable source of funds.  Other options need to be identified.
Site does identify current technology standards.

Ø      Texas Records And Information Locator (TRAIL) Funding Opportunity Search Page

Ø      US DEU Grants & Contracts Information

Ø      US DOE Discretionary Grant Application Pkgs. for Currently Open Grant Competitions

Ø      eFunding Solutions

Ø      Guiding Questions for Technology Planning

Ø      Sample Technology Plan – Caddo Mills ISD


Rev. 06/01/2003