Texas A&M University-Commerce

Department of Secondary and Higher Education

ETEC 579 Introduction to Instructional Media



Term: Sum I 2003 Sections: 01S & 41R
Instructor: Dr. Jason Lee Davis



Overview of Project


You are to create a technology plan. The plan may be focused on an educational institution, district, campus, division, department, or program, or similar element in a commercial setting. You are urged to design a relevant and realistic plan with the potential of serving a useful purpose in your district, discipline, business, or area of educational focus. Given the timeframe of this assignment, and the steps necessary to develop a thorough technology plan, it is unrealistic to expect this task to be completed in few days or weeks. The expected product of this project is the general framework of a technology plan organized in a manner that allows for the insertion of locally specific data, following appropriate research and development activities, resulting in a complete, comprehensive technology plan suitable for adoption.


Required elements of the plan:


*      Introduction.

*      Mission/Vision statement(s). Relate to plan.

*      History of technology utilization.

*      Current status of technology utilization.

*      Goals

*      Implementation plan (Timeframe, etc.)

*      Hardware

*      Software

*      Facilities

*      Staffing

*      Funding (any, all, or other possibilities that my be identified)

*      Available funds

*      Potential funding sources

*      In-kind contributions

*      Plan Administration/Management

*      Staff Development/Training

*      Support Structure (Tech support for users: faculty, students, others.)

*      Performance measures. (Means of evaluation. How will plan effectiveness be determined?)



On-line Resources:


*      Developing a School or District Technology Plan. (NCREL)

*      Guiding Questions for Technology Planning

*      Sample Technology Plan Caddo Mills ISD


Rev. 06/04/2003