Texas A&M University-Commerce

Department of Secondary and Higher Education

ETEC 579 – Introduction to Instructional Media



Term:  Fall 2003       Section:  01W
Instructor:  Dr. Jason Lee Davis



Overview of Project


You are to create a technology plan.  The plan may be focused on an educational institution, district, campus, division, department, or program, or similar element in a commercial setting.  You are urged to design a relevant and realistic plan with the potential of serving a useful purpose in your district, discipline, business, or area of educational focus.  The expected product of this project is a technology plan organized in a manner that allows for the insertion of locally specific data, following appropriate research and development activities, resulting in a complete, comprehensive technology plan suitable for adoption.  If you have access to information specific to your intended application, or actual adoption of your technology plan is possible or expected, this data should be included in the plan.  Be as detailed as possible.  An acceptable technology plan will be several pages in length.  Ideally, this project will result in the production of plans that are adopted, or, at least worthy of adoption, by the entity for which it was developed.  Plans will undergo peer reviews before the plan is finalized.


Required elements of the plan:


*      Introduction. (and/or Executive Summary)

*      Mission/Vision statement(s).  Relate to plan.

*      History of technology utilization.

*      Current status of technology utilization.

*      Goals

*      Implementation plan (Timeframe, etc.)

*      Hardware

*      Software

*      Facilities

*      Staffing

*      Funding (any, all, or other possibilities that may be identified)

*      Available funds

*      Potential funding sources (grants, endowments, gifts, etc.)

*      In-kind contributions

*      Plan Administration/Management

*      Staff Development/Training

*      Support Structure (Tech support for users: faculty, students, others.)

*      Performance measures. (Means of evaluation.  How will plan effectiveness be determined?)


The requirements listed above represent the minimum information necessary for inclusion.  Other information may be necessary depending on the focus of your grant.  You should investigate resources available via the internet and library to identify other information that may be typically included in a grant with a focus similar to yours.


Things to remember:


*      Set a positive, professional tone.

*      Don’t let your “hick” shine through.  Avoid slang and regional verbiage.

*      Use correct spelling and grammar.

*      Supporting documentation may be included in an appendix to the document.

*      Properly cite references per APA 5 style.


On-line Resources:


*      Overview of Technology Plans


*      Developing a School or District Technology Plan. (NCREL)

*      Guiding Questions for Technology Planning

*      Sample Technology Plan – Caddo Mills ISD


Rev. 09/03/2003