ETEC 579 IntroÖ

Hello, and welcome to ETEC 579, Administration of Educational Technology Programs.  My name is Jason Davis and I will be your instructor for this course.

This course is structured for delivery in an on-line format and all activities will be carried out within the Universityís Ucompass Educator courseware. Being an online course, you will need a working knowledge of basic computer and internet navigation skills.

This course focuses on the Administrative and planning aspects of Educational Technology. This could be considered a "core" course in the Educational Technology program as it is a requirement on all Masterís degree plan options offered by ETEC.

To allow you to gain hands-on experience in this area, you will be creating two major projects as well as completing smaller support exercises during the course.

The first major project is the development of a Technology Plan which will provide you the opportunity to examine technology utilization and plan for future technology implementation in an environment and setting corresponding to your professional goals. The details of this project will be discussed later.

The second major project you will undertake is the production of a technology grant proposal. With schools and businesses in desperate needs of funds to maintain existing technology and plan for future implementation is it critical that alternate sources of funding be sought out and pursued. Grant funding plays a key role in meeting this need. Our exercise will give you a taste of activities necessary to develop a proposal for possible funding. Your proposal will serve as a means of support for the implementation of your technology plan. Additional details of this project will be also be discussed later.

Prior to writing your proposal, we will begin an exercise focusing on a Purpose Statement for the proposal. This activity will be based on a process developed by noted grant writing expert, Dr. Jerry Pattengale. This activity will help you clarify and focus the writing of your grant proposal.

To simulate the classroom environment and experience in an on-line course can be a challenge. In order to foster the development of a learning community and to promote learner participation, an asynchronous discussion group will be utilized. This forum, referred to as a Frequently Asked Questions of FAQ list, will serve as the center of discussion and question and answer activities. Any non-personal question related to the class or class activities is to be posted to the FAQ list.

You, as a learner are responsible for asking questions and responding to questions posted for which you may be able to provide an answer or assistance. Questions should be posted to FAQ rather than directed to me so that all students have the benefit of participating in and contributing to the learning activities. I will be monitoring the FAQ to provide assistance when needed.

This is a demanding, yet enjoyable course which will provide you with a working knowledge of some of the activities with which a Technology Program Director is involved. For specific information regarding the course, see the syllabus on the public class site available through my personal webpage. A tentative schedule will also be maintained on the public site. Be patient and donít overstress yourself, but do keep up with the activities and you will have a rewarding experience in this course. Welcome and enjoy the course.