Texas A&M University-Commerce

Department of Secondary and Higher Education

ETEC 581 – Digital Video & Audio Production and Applications for Instructional Settings



Term:  Fall 2002       Section:  001
Instructor:  Dr. Jason Lee Davis



Overview of Project


You are to create an audio compilation from multiple sources and save the audio information in digital format as a computer file for presentation to the class.  The subject of the project is your choice.  The emphasis of the project is on the mechanics of production rather than the subject of the content itself.  If you need a topic, make it, “Process of developing an audio presentation.”


Required elements of the project


*      Audio recorded using computer microphone

*      Audio digitized from secondary media such as audio tape, video tape, CD, etc.

*      Audio to be mixed to a single file using appropriate audio editing software.

*      Digital file output in MP3 format.

*      Digital file output in a second format (your choice)

*      Presentation of end product to the class:

·        Include detailed description of process used to accomplish each of the above required elements.

·        Describe processes that did and did not work.

·        Make suggestions on techniques to improve.


On-line Resources:


*      Web Library


Rev. 09/11/2002