Texas A&M University-Commerce

Department of Secondary and Higher Education

ETEC 581 Digital Video & Audio Production and Applications for Instructional Settings



Term: Winter Mini 2003 Section: 601
Instructor: Dr. Jason Lee Davis



Overview of Project


Your development team is to create a stand-alone multimedia project. The team will present the final project to the class. The members of each team and the topic of each project are assigned by the instructor. The topics assigned will likely require some research and experimentation by the team. The emphasis of the project is on the mechanics, as well as the content, of the production. As this is a multimedia project, it must contain multiple forms of media including, but not limited to still images, audio material (spoken, sound effects, and/or music), and video footage.



Required elements of the project


Content (35% of semester grade)


Presentation (15% of semester grade)


Project evaluation criteria


Critique/Reflection (15% of semester grade)


Each student will write a critique/reflection paper, not to exceed one (1) page in length, addressing each project. The critiques/reflections should address the evaluation criteria listed above plus contain additional personal comments. The reflection is to be posted to the designated discussion group in the on-line course.




The multimedia component accounts for 50% of the total semester grade.

The project itself counts toward 35% of the semester grade. It must be evident that each member of the team has contributed significantly to the project.

The classroom presentation of the project counts toward 15%. Each member must actively participate in the presentation to receive presentation credit.

Critiques/reflections count toward 15% of the semester grade.

Respect copyrights and intellectual property rights.

Equipment is subject to limited availability be patient.

Technical difficulties beyond our control will not be reflected in grades.


Rev. 01/02/2003