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Courtesy... If you happen to be among those of us with a "loud" stereo, please remember to sound-off responsibly.  Keep in mind that some people, after working for a living all day, don't want to be awakened at 2:00 o'clock in the morning by some punk kid blasting his/her car stereo through a residential area.  While you may not be a "punk kid," that is exactly the impression you will make.  It is just this type of situation that has prompted many locations to adopt bans or unreasonable restrictions on the playing of audio systems.  In many cases these ordinances are totally inappropriate or are so arbitrary that they are interpreted by some law inforcement officials and agencies as a right to harrass.  Let's don't prompt those living in ignorance to push for such measures.  Please be courteous and responsible by paying attention to where, when, and how loud you play your stereo.
It IS for OUR own good. -Jason

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- Jason

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