Phantazm's Alternator Installation by Flip's Charging System - installation by Flip's Starter & Alternator, Paris, Texas. (903) 784-2681 Thanks Michael!
Shown here are the two Phoenix Gold AG210 alternators originally installed along with the original regulators. Seven regulators later I finally wised up and replaced the charging system with 190amp PowerLine alternators and Transpo 911 regulators. I'm feeling MUCH better now, thanks. I'll try to update the picture soon. Also shown in this picture are the Phoenix Gold 240A Battery Isolator and three of the Pro seres fuse holders, each containing 250 amp fuses.
The alternator on the left charges the truck's battery and a Stinger SPB-1000 Power Master Dry-Cell Battery in the back for the high end components. It's output is run through the isolator to separate the truck/stereo electrical systems. The alternator on the right is dedicated to the independent bass electrical system. It directly charges two Stinger SPB-1000 Power Master Dry-Cell Batteries in the back which provide power to the two Colossus Amplifiers.

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