Jason Lee Davis' PHANTAZM credits


Extra special thanks to the following for their help
in making project PHANTAZM a reality!

Jennifer Davis - my wonderful wife
Harley and Joyce Davis - my understanding but still curious parents
Greg McKinney - McKinney Sales Distribution, Dallas, TX
Ian, Helmut, Lukas, Brandon, Robert, and the rest of the gang at...
HiFonics (Audio Products, Inc.), Dothan, AL, 334-983-6542
Clark Buckley - Phoenix Gold, Portland, OR, 503-288-2008
Steve Berry & Bob Law - Kenwood USA, Long Beach, CA
Michael Flippin - Flip's Starter and Alternator, Paris, TX, 903-784-2681
Monroe Thompson - Garland Auto Glass, Cooper, Texas
Shane McMillan - Innovative Audio, Roxton, TX
Ronnie Jumper - thanks for the late hours helping finish construction for finals!
Kurt Umlauf - thanks for the brainstorming and batting down my bad ideas
Greg Preas - thanks for holding it up while I got it screwed in ;-)

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