Phantazm's Door Panel Door Panel under construction -
The speaker enclosures for the doors were built from plywood, expanding foam, Bondo, and Bondo-glass. I attached the enclosure section of the panel to GM Cheyenne door panels which I used in place of the original Silverado panels.
Door Panel ready to be covered -
Here, the fabricated enclosure is attached to the door panel and ready for the to covering to be applied.
Phantazm's Door Panel
Phantazm's Door Panel Door Panel installed -
Each door panel holds eight HiFonics speakers. The high frequencies are reproduced by a pair of 1" dome tweeters. The upper-mids are handled by a pair of dome midranges and the lower-mids are solidly taken care of by four 5.25" drivers. Notice also, the window switches were relocated forward on the panel. The excellent covering job was achieved by the skillful hands of Monroe Thompson in Cooper, TX. Special thanks once again to Ronnie Jumper for his help with wiring up this mess in the doors.

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