Phantazm's Mid-Bass Enclosure Mid-Bass enclosure under construction -
Ronnie Jumper, one of my top students at the time, and now one of my top friends, helped out by building the tuned and ported mid-bass enclosure. Wow, check out that hair! No, it's not that long any more.
Enclosure ready for installation -
Picture of enclosure ready to be installed behind the seat. The enclosure was designed to hold two 10" HiFonics Zeus woofers for reproducing the mid-bass frequencies. The ports tune the mid-bass system to 90Hz. The space between the speakers was left for mounting the Kenwood changer, HiFonics Plato EQ, and Phoenix Gold TBA transmitter.
Phantazm's Mid-Bass Enclosure
Phantazm's Mid-Bass Enclosure Mid-Bass enclosure installation -
Ronnie Jumper, shown here mounting one of the two HiFonics Zeus 10" Woofers in the mid-bass enclosure.

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