Phoenix Gold TBA1 Receiver Phoenix Gold TBA1 Receiver -
This is the receiving unit of Phoenix Gold's "The Balancing Act" Balanced Line Transmitter/Receiver set. This unit in mounted in the amp rack in the rear and receives the balanced audio signal from the transmitter located in the front.
Phoenix Gold BASS CUBE (Constant Usable Bass Enhancement) -
This little box is worth its weight in Phoenix Gold. When I auditioned it, I was informed by the distributer that typical results of its proper use were an increase in low end SPL anywhere from 3 to 7 dB. The distributer wasn't kidding! Obviously, the audition was short lived and I now call this one my own. The remote mountable control allows the user/installer to adjust the Q to match the response of the system as well as the level of the signal. (Let's see you try THAT with an Epicenter! hihi) When the Q is matched... HOLD ON!
Phoenix Gold BASS CUBE

These are just a few of the processors in Phantazm's system. Others included are HiFonics models: (1) Epsilon PreAmp/EQ, (1) Plato 10-band EQ, (1) Callisto 4-way crossover, and (2) Janus 2-way crossovers. The EQ's are located in the front, while the crossovers are located near the amps in the amp/processor rack.

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