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USAC USACi, the acronym for United States Autosound Competition International , is the primary sanctioning body for most of the sound-off's in this part of the world. Check USACi out here! (Thanks Ralph!)

IASCA The International Auto Sound Challenge Association is another major sanctioning body popular in many areas. This is a link to the Official IASCA Website.

USACi/IASCA UNIFIED WORLD FINALS - November 15-16, 2005 - Kansas City, Missouri

Wayne's World Wayne Harris is one of those types of individuals that you can't help but respect. This is a guy who has helped shape autosound from the beginning of its popularity and paid his dues to the art of system design and creation. His current claim to fame is his popular brainchild, DB DragRacing. Your guide to car audio on the internet. Thanks to Ian for a great site and the link!

Installation Index The Internet Car Stereo Installation Index - Featuring Phantazm

WWW Car Audio Forum The WWW Car Audio Forum

Car Audio Software Archive The Car Audio Software Archive

Hot Rods World Wide Hot Rods World Wide

TexasOklahoma Texas and Oklahoma Car Shows

Featured in the AutoGuide AutoGuide - Featuring Phantazm

Thanks to these fellow car audio enthusiasts who have been gracious enough to provide a link to the Phantazm Page!

Rick Storey's
RIX Amazing Car Audio Page
- Gracious Host of the First Ever On-Line Sound-Off!!!
(Where you at Rick? Let me know so I can re-link.)

B. Palik's Elite Car Audio


Also, thanks to these kind individuals who have provided a link from their totally awesome pages!

DeWayne Stephens - (one of my cool students)

Frank Poye - The Timeliner

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