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The 1996 Arkansas Fall Foliage Tour
Union Pacific Steam Engine #844
and the
Union Pacific E-9 Streamliners

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In October 1996, the UP brought their steam engine #844 and E-9 Streamliners #'s 951A, 963B, & 949A to Arkansas to pull a set of excursions out of Little Rock.  Trackside photos are included on these pages.

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Some miscellaneous pictures from the weekend are below...

You may click on the images for larger versions if you would like to see more detail.

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Union Pacific Centennial DD40-X #6938 on display in front of the Jenks Shops at North Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Union Pacific's Jenks Shops at North Little Rock, Arkansas.
jj029-20-UP1819-NLittleRockAR-s.jpg (8251 bytes) UP #1819 passing by the engine yard at Jenks Shops.
jj030-03-SteamTrainMurray-s.jpg (9896 bytes)jj030-02-Justice-Murray-s.jpg (12472 bytes) Railroad LEGENDS !!!

Ironically, on this trip, I had the privilege of personally meeting the World's most famous "King of the Hobos" Steamtrain Maury!
Left photo: Steamtrain Maury
Along with Steamtrain was the newly elected 1996 King of the Hobos: Liberty Justice
Right photo: Liberty Justice, me, Steamtrain Maury
Right photo 1996 L. Joyce Davis (mom)
Photos taken at The Jimmy Driftwood Barn in Mt. View, AR.

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