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Kansas City Southern Coach-Diner #52

Car number: 52
Car type: Coach-Diner
Builder: Pullman Standard
Original build date: ???
Rebuilds: Apr. 1937 & 1958
ARR mechanical designation: DP
Seating capacity in coach section: 32
Seating capacity in dining section: 32
Car length - inside: 78'-10"
Car length - over buffer: 82'-6"
Number of cars in series: 4 (#'s 50-53)
Special feature(s): Air conditioning
Current operational status: Non-operational (retired)
Current location: Klondike, Texas
Current livery: Trinity Valley Railroad Club

Technical & Historical references: http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/kcs/kcs.html & http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/kcs/kcs-pax.html

Photos taken February 17, 2006.  Click on each image for higher resolution version.

Vintage Photos of KCS #52...
Larry Thomas photos (Nick Muff collection) of car as it appeared in operation in Siloam Springs, Arkansas following 1958 rebuild:  PIC 1    PIC 2
Photo (Nick Muff collection) of car as rebuilt in 04-1937: 
Other photos of the KCS Passenger Fleet

Page/Photographs 2006-2008 Jason Lee Davis unless otherwise credited.

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