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Union Pacific Steam 1999
in Southern Wyoming

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The UP Steam Program left Cheyenne, Wyoming for RailFair '99 in Sacramento, California on Friday, May 14, 1999 with the UP 844 & UP 3985 double-heading.  The first leg of their journey took them over Sherman Hill on track three and into Laramie for the first scheduled stop.

Special Announcement:  If you missed the westbound trip in Wyoming, you will have another chance to see the UP Steam Team in action as they make the eastbound return to Cheyenne on July 4, 1999.

You may click on the images for larger versions if you would like to see more detail.

jj080-20-UPsteam-s.jpg (11745 bytes) Union Pacific #844 & #3985 westbound on the downhill grade from Sherman Hill glide effortlessly through Tie Siding, Wyoming on track 3.
jj080-21-UPsteam-s.jpg (8186 bytes) ...and the Earth shakes.
jj080-22-UPsteam-s.jpg (10030 bytes) The approaching hailstorm can be seen to the left of the train.
jj080-23-UPsteam-s.jpg (10050 bytes) The hailstorm hit at Tie Siding 5 minutes after the train passed.
(That was cutting it just a little bit close!!!)
jj081-00-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (9315 bytes) #844 & #3985 West Bound enter the yard at Laramie.
jj081-01-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (9831 bytes) Train set.
jj081-02-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (11173 bytes) End of passenger set.
jj081-03-UP3985LaramieWY-s.jpg (8184 bytes) #3985 in front of the Laramie Depot.
jj081-04-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (11700 bytes) #844
jj081-05-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (12020 bytes) #844
jj081-06-UP3985LaramieWY-s.jpg (14090 bytes) #3985
jj081-07-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (13765 bytes) #844 from above.
jj081-08-UP3985LaramieWY-s.jpg (14160 bytes) #3985 behind #844's second tender.
jj081-09-UP3985LaramieWY-s.jpg (16247 bytes) #3985
jj081-10-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (15741 bytes) #844
jj081-11-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (14654 bytes) #844
jj081-12-UP844LaramieWY-s.jpg (14948 bytes) #844
jj081-13-UP844CNW8705LaramieWY-s.jpg (14899 bytes) #844 being passed by Chicago Northwestern #8705.

Click the images below for video clips of the scenes shown...

Jim Burrill took some incredible shots on down the line.
I highly recommend you continue the westward journey and view them at
Jim Burrill's Colorado Rails

More of this trip as well as additional UP Steam pics are available at
Jolly Goodfellow's Utah Depot

...on to the official  Union Pacific Railroad WebSite.

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