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TSRR 210 & T&P 610
Texas State Railroad 4-6-0 #201 struggles to

back the Texas & Pacific 2-10-0 #610 into
the Palestine shop on Mar. 27, 2010.

11m55s, 144Mb, WMV
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Fairmont Motorcar run between Greenville &
Ridgeway on the NETEX/Blacklands Railroad
on Dec. 26, 2009.

5m12s, 40.6Mb, WMV

Fairmont Motorcar run into Commerce, TX
on the NETEX/Blacklands Railroad (former
SSW/Cotton Belt C-branch) on Dec. 13, 2009.

11m6s, 86.6Mb, WMV

KSC DASH (Dallas-Shreveport, eastbound)
with a 7 unit consist led by KCS 4124 at
Campbell, Texas, on November 30, 2009.

2m8s, 16.6Mb, WMV

KCS Holiday Express lead by the Southern
Belles and Business Train through
Campbell, Texas, on November 30, 2009.

1m15s, 9.9Mb, WMV

UP 844 runby departure from
Overton, Texas - May 23, 2006

56s, 17.9Mb, SWF

KCS meet on Rich Mountain
Oklahoma/Arkansas - July, 2004

2m50s, 15.54Mb, SWF

Colorado Live Steamers Runday

Byers, CO, April, 1999
40s, 8.22Mb, SWF

UP 844 & 3985 Doubleheading through
Tie Siding, WY - May 14, 1999

1m0s, 4.40Mb, SWF

UP 844 & 3958 arriving at Laramie, WY
May 14, 1999

1m7s, 12.97Mb, SWF

UP 844 & 3985 departing Laramie, WY

enroute to Sacramento, CA, May 14, 1999
1m36s, 30.85Mb, SWF

BNSF4842 on Mason St. - Ft. Collins, CO

March, 1999
29s, 7.34Mb, SWF

BNSF/Boeing - Plane Train
Ft. Collins, CO - June,1999

30s, 5.17Mb, SWF

UP 7149 pulls a Westbound Unit coal train
through Moffat Tunnel (Colorado) - June, 1999

58s, 7.40Mb, SWF

UP Streamlines on the

Arkansas Fall Foliage Tour - 1996
35s, 4.98Mb, SWF

BN 9261 Westbound through Mullan Tunnel
on MRL's Mullan Pass - Summer 1993

1m45s, 11.84Mb, SWF

MRL Helper Engines return to Helena, MT
from Mullan Pass - Summer, 1993

1m9s, 19.46Mb, SWF

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