Dr. Jason Lee Davis
Associate Professor & Senior Graduate Faculty
Technology Management Program  |  Department of Engineering & Technology  |  Texas A&M University-Commerce

Ag/IT 213C

Fall 2018  (188)

Hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00am-1:00pm      Department & Program Meetings on various weeks     
11:30am-1:15pm Lunch
1:15pm-3:30pm   Office
Ag/IT 213C
Ag/IT 213C
3:30pm-4:00pm   TMGT 599.01B
Technology Management Practicum

Ag/IT Rm 209
On-line TMGT 514.01W
Engineering & Technology Project Management
Blended TMGT 599.01B
Technology Management Practicum
On-line TMGT 599.01W
Technology Management Practicum

Also, I will occasionally be on campus on other days during the week, but not necessarily in my office.

All of my courses are offered in an on-line or blended format.  I will be interacting with students regularly in the on-line environment.
I may typically be found in/near my office (Ag/IT 213C) during scheduled office hours and at random times throughout the semester.
As I am occasionally called to meetings during my planned office hours, scheduling and confirming an appointment is highly recommended.

Known Exceptions to regular schedule:
Faculty Senate meetings at 2pm on first Tuesday of each month (9/4, 10/2, 11/6, & 12/4).
Wed., Nov. 7 - ATMAE Conference

rev. Sept. 4, 2018