Support List on Enhancement of Your Online Study

A multitude of resources exist on the World Wide Web. Those listed here are just a small sample of what is available in terms of information or tutorials on enhancement of your online study. Some of these sites are free; a few require a subscription or fee. To find more or different information beyond these sites, feel free to perform your own web search.


Typing Help

Typing Practice

Typing Tutor

Typing Games 2 Help U

Listing of Touch Typing Tutors (including freeware)

Typing Tutor Game


Study Skills Checklist

How to Study

How to Study & Learn: Parts 1

How to Study & Learn: Parts 2

How to Study & Learn: Parts 3

How to Study & Learn: Parts 4

Note-taking Skills

Note-taking Methods

Study Skills Help Information

Computer Literacy

Outline of Computer Literacy Skills

How Stuff Works

5-Minute Tech Tutorials

Online Tutorials and Courses (on technical and other topics)

Basic Computer Tutorial


On-Screen Comprehension Help

Reading Speed Test & Improvement Techniques

Reading Comprehension Lessons

The Art of Close Reading: Parts 1

The Art of Close Reading: Parts 2

The Art of Close Reading: Parts 3

Learning Styles

Develop Your Learning Style

Advice for Enhancing 3 Basic Learning Styles

Advice on Bringing Your Learning Styles Into Balance

Thinking and Learning Skills Course

Successful Learning: Cycle through Learning Styles