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Dr. Martha FooteDr. Martha Foote
Curriculum & Instruction
Texas A&M University-Commerce
P.O. Box 3011, Commerce, TX 75429


Doctor of Education, University of North Texas
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Reading
Dissertation: The Development of Curiosity in Three-, Four-, and
Five-year-old Children; Major Professor: Dr. Velma E. Schmidt

Master of Education, East Texas State University
Major: Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Science, East Texas State University
Major: Elementary Education; Minor: English


Current responsibilities as faculty are to teach masters and doctoral level courses, serve as program coordinator for the Cohort of Rockwall Educators’ (CORE) Masters Cohort; and advise and mentor doctoral students. Previously, I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in ECE, ELED, and Reading. Center Coordinator for the Plano Center for Professional Development and Technology, Spring 1997 – Spring 2001.

Doctoral Level Courses Taught

Master’s Level Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Research,Recent Publications


Foote, M, Falk-Ross, F, Szabo, S, & Sampson, M. B.; (co-editors). (2008). Charting the Literacy Waters: Research, Praxis, & Advocacy, College Reading Association.

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Foote, M, Walker, C., & Green, C., (July 2, 2007) Listo! Sharp & Ready: Strategies for ELL Student Success. A major federal grant awarded to A&M-Commerce from the Office of English Language Acquisition in the U. S. Dept. of Education. Funded for approximately $1.2 million over five years.

Foote, M. One-Time Funding for Enrollment Growth Initiative: Frisco ECE Masters Cohort. Funded through the Provost’s Office, A&M-C, $14,730.

Foote, M. Regents Initiative Grant (2005) funded for $8,300 for the “First Annual Bill Martin Jr. Symposium”.


Foote, M., Green, C., and Walker, C., “Project ¡Listo!, a Faculty Development Initiative to Better   Prepare Teachers to Teach ELLs” College Reading Association’s 52nd Annual Meeting, November 7, 2008, Sarasota, FL.

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Foote, M. and Boggs, M., 2007 Texas Teachers Forum in Austin, March 4-5.


Co-editor for the College Reading Association’s Yearbook editorial team, 2006 through



Service as Chair of the Doctoral Committees:
2007-Present   Makita Gallipsie, Chair
2007-Present   Ruth Johnson, Chair

Vasinda, S. Reinventing Reggio Through Negotiated Learning: Finding a Place for Voice and Choice in an American Standards-Based Elementary Classroom

Slater, C. Using Arts-Based Representation as a Way of Knowing in a Third Grade Classroom with a Mandated Standards Based Curriculum: A Documentation of the Process

Vornberg, C. Parental Perceptions of Roles, concerns and Issues and the Effects of a Multilingual Family Literacy Program on Reading Comprehension and Writing Fluency in Second Grade LEP and non-LEP Students 

Service on Doctoral Committees:



Contact Info

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Texas A&M University - Commerce
P. O. Box 3011
Commerce, Texas 75429
Phone: (903) 886-5413
E-mail: Martha.Foote@tamuc.edu

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