JOUR 328 Weekly Outline

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Week 1   (8/28 - 9/1)           READ CHAPTER ONE          Course eBook available here.

Tues.     See IRTS Multicultural Workshop       Course syllabus overview.    Overview of Chapter 1.

Using a Blue Book, begin a Public Relations / Current Events Observation Diary.  More project details here.

THURS:  Set up PR team:  Team Manager/Editor, News Releases, VNRs, Events, Billboards & Fliers, Social Media

Chap. 1 Review: What terms fit within the definitions of public relations?  How is the the public relations process 'media-centered?'  What re the components of basic public relations practice?  What's the difference between public relations and journalism? ... between public relations and advertising?  Why is public relations referred to as the fifth “P” of marketing strategy?  How is strategic communication considered an integrated approach?  How does advertising's high costs fuel the trend toward integrated communication approach in public relations?  For us related also to the university's QEP initiative, what facts does the chapter tell us about global public relations?  What are the elements in the RACE formula?  IN what ways does public relations supports marketing?  Why should public relations lead marketing strategy?  What happens in crisis management?  etc.-->make note of similar facts from the chapter.

Week 2   (9/4 - 9/8 )       READ CHAPTER TWO                                          RADIO SHOW

Tues. -- Quiz over Chapter 1.  Overview of Chapter 2Bring your Public Relations Diary to every class.

PR team meeting.  See Fred Stewart to get into the room--he may also participate.  Assignment--come to the meeting with plans for how to start the weekly PR activities of your group--you were told Tuesday to bring talking points.  Turn in that page, with your name on it, to Fred Stewart at the start of class.  Each division will coordinate ideas then each person submit a one-sheet detailing specific plans.  REPEAT:  After the discussion on Thursday, each person will submit a one-sheet detailing specific plans, based on your Primary area assignment. This will be from the point of view of your primary role.  Dominique will need to contact Brianna and help her understand Thursday's discussion, BUT each student, after discussion with partners and team, comes up with his/her own ideas to bring to the next meeting.  One-sheets are due in your Google Drive by 10 pm onday 9/11.  Be ready to discuss these in class next week.
THURSDAY CLASS:  As noted Tuesday, we are 'the PR firm' whose client is the new program Mass Media & Journalism.  Already planned events for fall include News Engagement Day (see and a department Homecoming activity (in concept only so far). We talked about students currently at the NAB Radio Show and soon going to SCBS.  We talked about other things our students do, like TIPA.  We talked about connecting the department to UIL activities, but also to consider doing some of our own, like a high school student film festival. In relation we talked about our need to establish some annual traditions, some that may not start until next fall.  Those would often include trying to bring high school and junior college students to campus.  It might also involve our faculty and students visiting them for programs. We talked about the need to promote student radio and student TV activities that are getting going for the fall semester and for the East Texan as it starts publishing.  Radio & TV call their media Mane Media.  The East Texan runs a web site.  The program also publishes a magazine called The Special.  Media students are currently being asked to work with the Music Department for some recording of performances, to work with the local animal shelter to promote a 'pet of the week,' and to make plans to shoot the Homecoming Parade.  These kinds of 'service learning' projects are common and are often requested by outside constituencies.  The program has major fields of study in Digital Media Production, Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising.
TEAM:  Sam (primary, team manager; secondary, research); Meagan (primary, team manager; secondary, research)
Shauntae (primary, News Releases / VNRs / MarCom contact; secondary, billboards & fliers); Johnny (primary, News Releases / VNRs / MarCom contact; secondary, social media); Kylah (primary, Events planning; secondary, News Releases / VNRs / MarCom contact); Eva, (primary, Events planning; secondary, team manager); Dominique (primary, billboards & fliers; secondary, social media); Brianna (primary, billboards & fliers; secondary, Events planning); Deatrik (primary, social media; secondary, billboards & fliers); Kate (primary, social media; secondary, Events planning); Matt (primary, research; secondary, News Releases / VNRs / MarCom contact)
Meagan & Sam make the agenda for and run Thursday's planning meeting.
Matt & Eva separately keep notes of what is discussed and decided--ideally done on laptop or tablet and then both emailed to Dr. DeMars after the meeting.  If handwritten, take a picture and email.
OVERALL MEETING INTENT:  set up the team's plan for handling the PR of Mass Media & Journalism.  A well-run and implemented meeting should take the full class time.  End with a clear plan for what comes next, with the intent for specific work that would start by next week.

Chapter 2 Review: 
What factors explain today's changing focus in public relations?   What is considered an essential ability for a public relations practitioner?  According to figures provided in the PRWeek annual salary survey in the chapter (a bit dated now), how positive is the career outlook for public relations professionals?  What was the national median salary in 2011 for practitioners between 31 and 35 years old?  What percentage of public relations professionals in the United States are female?  You are a recent college graduate and a new public relations professional looking for work. If a high
salary is most important to you, which work setting are you most likely to choose? What factors are given to explain the salary gap with regard to gender?  Why are crisis communication counseling skills more essential now than ever? Whar are considered to be the public relations personality types for career success?  What are the essential abilities for public relations practitioners? Why must public relations practitioners possess a variety of skills/abilities?  What do they say about expertise in social media?  What are a PR practictioner's jobs -- in the “technician” role?  --in the “executive” role?

Week 3    (9/11 - 9/15)     READ CHAPTERS THREE AND FOUR                      MSP

Tues. -- Quiz over Chapter 2.  Overview of Chapter 3.

Note that outline is updated weekly--always check for updates, and refresh the page.

PR Diary requires new content to be added every week.  See directions above as as noted in class the first week.  Must be brought to every class -- ready to do a report when called on or to turn in if requested.  Must be done only in a Blue Book and only as described in project directions.   

PR Team -- This week – we need a plan and assignments: ‘Managers’ define the plan and give each team member specific work to do by next Thursday, includes assigning different PR tasks: NED, Homecoming, East Texan, KKOM, etc.  Includes each person writing PR content.  The item(s) you do must be uploaded to your Google Drive folder by 9/20 and hard copy brought to class 9/21.  Specific news releases, posters, social media content, flyers, radio or TV spot production, newsletter, etc. must be created and distributed starting next week.  Bring the content you create to class on 9/25, ready to demonstrate and discuss.  Work within your assigned leadership role, but each member must contribute PR content.

Overview of Chapter 4.

Chap. 3 Review:  How is The Rosetta Stone (not the language system) considered to be an early PR tool?  What significant historical figure made early use of “conflict positioning?”  How will Phineas T. Barnum be best remembered in public relations history?  What tactics were used by railroads to get settlers to move to the American West? What are considered to be
reasons for an influx of women working in public relations?  Considered by many to be the first presidential press secretary.   How did environmental activist John Muir use public relations tactics?  What were Ivy Lee’s four important contributions to public relations?  What are  Grunig’s four models of public relations?  What arguments are made by  opponents of licensing for public relations professionals?  What is required to receive the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) designation by the PRSA?  What characteristics are considered hallmarks of public relations professional?  What factors are likely to influence the practice of public relations in coming years?  Which key creative public relations insight did Ivy Lee utilize in his New York Subway campaign?  Why did the public relations field expand after World War II?  CSR stands for ____ and employs research to do what? _____ was the first true public relations counselor.  What U.S. President is noted for making extensive use of news conferences and interviews in drumming up support for his projects?
Chap. 4 Review:  Grunig’s International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Foundation research study on
excellence notes what facts about public relations?  An IABC survey of CEOs showed the value of public relations in the context of paying nearly a __ percent return on investment.  Small-scale organizations of low complexity usually have public relations working in roles that are primarily ___.  Why do many practitioners self-select technician roles?  In the Susan G. Komen for the Cure-Planned Parenthood case, the Komen board made what public relations error(s)?   The standard industry practice among public relations firms is to bill clients at least ___ a person’s salary.  What are considered the major sources of friction for the public relations function within an organization?   The trend toward purchasing expert communication services from outside the organization is referred to as ____.   See similar and other review on the PowerPoint.

Week 4     (9/18 - 9/22 )    READ CHAPTER FIVE                                            

Tues. -- Quiz over Chapters 3 & 4.  Overview of Chapter 5.  PR Team work due -- see more above, then below.  Sam and Meagan should take the lead but you also have to know to contribute a specific piece of PR content for The item(s) you do must be uploaded to your Google Drive folder by 9/20 and hard copy brought to class 9/21.   About half the class should be assigned to NED and about half for Homecoming.  Based on that -- and again based on coordination with Sam and Meagan for which assignment you have, a person or two will write a news release, a person or two will create social media content, a person or two will write scripts for radio & TV spots to promote the event, a person or two will create a poster, ready for printing, someone may create a radio news story with sound bite, etc. Whatever you create first is due Mon/Tues--see above.

Thurs:  PR team meeting.  Assignment--first, you should have planned based on the starting ideas are listed above. The leadership then works with the team to create a situation analysis (see Chap. 5). News Engagement Day:  October 3rd.   A&M-Commerce Homecoming:  October 14th.  Two major areas of your group's focus for now must be on determining how these will be run and starting to plan for that process.  THIS WEEK, we must have a specific 'program' in place for each of these days and we are now planning on the role each member of the team will play in planning for, promoting and implementing each event.  Look at your primary and secondary team member role and take on leadership for implementing that component of the group's collective goals.
Chap. 5 Review:   Achieving credibility with management, defining audiences and segmenting publics, formulating strategy and testing messages are some of the reasons PR professionals use ______ .   The use of existing information in books, articles, and electronic databases is known as ____ research. What are typical examples of qualitative research?  ... of quantitative research?  One research technique, focus groups, are widely used to do what?  It is a ___ sample when everyone in the target audience has an equal chance of being selected for the survey you're conducting.   What is the first element in a public relations plan?  What questions should you ask when establishing a program objective?  What are the elements of Ketchum’s Strategic Planning Model?  Public relations programs should be directed to what kinds of audiences or publics?  What are typical public relations objectives and how are they used?  MBO stands for ____.   What are the Management By Objectives steps? Whag do PR firms use online databases for?  Note what Public relations professional Lisa Eggerton of RSCG Magnet says bout the context of research.  _____ is the systematic and objective categorizing of content.  What are the steps in the four-step public relations process.   _____ research usually produces “hard” data and ___ research usually produces “soft” data.

Week 5     (9/25 - 9/29)      

Tues. -- Quiz over Chapter 5.  Overview of Chapter 6.
Chap. 6 Review:   What are considered to be legitimate goals of communication?  Publicity, advertising, and product placements fall into the _____ media category.  What are examples of “controlled media?"  What do Schramm’s communication models demonstrate? _______ is the theory that says people use the mass media for a variety of purposes.  A _____ audience is one that may initially pay attention to a message only because it’s entertaining.  What are some effective tools for delivering information to an active audience?  What can a public relations professional do to successfully increase audience understanding and comprehension of a message? What are benefits of repeating a message?   What are the elements of the Five-Stage Adoption Process?  At what stage in the adoption process do people seek more information about the idea or product? What are the stages of the Diffusion of Innovations model?  According to Everett Rogers, people who are eager to try new ideas are called _______; those who are slow to adopt innovations are _______.  What can we learn from the “Facebook Friends = Brain Power” case?  Which tool is the most effective measure of message exposure?  What is the most precise of all the tools? What is the definition of media impressions? ...of benchmarking?  The ultimate objective of any public relations effort is to achieve ______.  How much do people believe in advertising equivalency?
Week 6        (10/2 - 10/6)     READ CHAPTER SEVEN                                          SCBS   

NOTE Mid Term Exam, Chapters 1-8, is next Thursday.

Tues. News Engagement Day.  PR team runs News Engagement Day Tuesday, so plan for working around class schedule Tuesday and thus no class meeting on Tuesday.  ** Be ready to turn in a post-event report--> see below for details.
ASSIGNMENT:  (1) Participate in Rally at Student Center starting at 9:15 am Tuesday.  (2) Attend speaker panel at 11:00 am in BA 221.  You are counted absent for Tuesday's class if you do not participate.

-- Quiz over Chapter 6.  Post-event report due at class time:  write a one page summary that uses the main ideas of Chapters 5 & 6 and applies the PR process to what we did for NED, and within that describe your specific roles and successes, but also weaknesses in the project work.  Overview of Chapter 7

Note that outline is updated weekly--always check for updates
, and refresh.
Chap. 7 Review:   Roper Reports says ___% of the population drive public opinion and consumer trends.   The term for people who take the time to sift information, evaluate it, and form an opinion that is expressed to others.  Gandy estimates that as much as __% of what the media carry comes from public relations sources.   Change hostile opinions, neutralize hostile opinions, crystallize latent opinions and maintain favorable opinions can all be done using _______.    The theory that describes how journalists use facts, themes and treatments to shape a story.  Audience analysis, appeals to self-interest, audience participation, and suggestions for action are all are factors in ______ communication.  What is most important for public relations professionals to remember when considering the role of propaganda?  _____ is the propaganda technique of associating the person, product, or organization with something that has high status, visibility, or credibility.  What are the levels in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?   _____ theory states that internal factors such as beliefs, attitudes, and values limit the extent to which an individual accepts or rejects a persuasive message. Which medium is most effective for conveying in-depth information?  How do demographics and psychographics differ?  As a persuader, which factors are most important to remember when it comes to negotiation?  What is the most difficult persuasive task?  ____ theory states that media content is influenced by a broad array of forces, all of which attempt to shape a media story.  _____ theory says that individuals are seldom influenced by only one opinion leader but actually interact with different leaders.

Week 7        (10/9 - 10/13)       READ CHAPTER EIGHT

Tues. --  Quiz over Chapter 7.  Overview of Chapter 8.  Review of Chapters 1-8.

Chap. 8 Review:    Limited resources, different values, advocacy and competition are factors associated with _______ management.  What are the phases of the conflict management lifecycle?  What is the strategy taken in the recovery phase of strategic management of conflict?   'It depends upon a number of factors' is the stance of public relations according to the _____ theory of conflict management. The dismay and confusion following the Penn State sex abuse scandal resulted from what?  Managed correctly, the proactive phase of the conflict management life cycle can do what?  In dealing with the public in a conflict, public relations professionals should do what?  In issues management, if the company decides the emerging issue is potentially damaging, what is the next step?  According to Suzanne Zoda, what actions are recommended in risk communication?  In crisis communication, what is your assumption if so far nothing has gone wrong?  _____ are defined as a “major occurrence with a potentially negative outcome affecting the organization, company, or industry, as well as its publics, products, services, or good names.” Recalling the BP oil spill crisis, what was the biggest shortcoming in the company’s social media efforts? What is the most accommodative response in an image restoration strategy?  Coombs lists what crisis communication strategies?  What does “déjà vu all over again” mean to public relations professionals in the life cycle of strategic conflict management?

Thurs:   Mid Term Exam, Chapters 1-8  Bring NEW green Scantron and pencils.   Also be ready for discussion questions.
MUST BRING YOUR eBook or hard copy textbook to class today.   Mid Term Review
If you have no hard copy or eBook of the required textbook you receive no grade on the Mid Term

Research assignment:  Find web sites from at least six different universities in the U.S. that have some form of combined 'broadcast, journalism and / or new media program / department / school.  Do not do more than two universities in any one state.  NOTE:  As soon as you have the ones you want to do, post them on the Padlet as linked below. CHECK THE POSTINGS--you cannot do the same school someone else has already posted.  For each one, review the site in such a way that you can write a 5-7 sentence summary of what is unique and/or interesting and appealing as a student about their program.  Review them enough that you will be able to discuss and describe them in class. Write up that summary of each, and at the bottom put in the URL where any of us can find them.  Name the media file of your summary YourLastName Dept. Research and place it in your Google Drive by 10 pm 10/16.  ALSO, before you start writing up your summaries, put the URL list of all schools on this Padlet. Check the list before sign-up.

Week 8          (10/16 - 10/20)      READ CHAPTER ELEVEN                        

Tues:      PR Activity Assignment--our remaining goal for the semester is to come up with a PR campaign for the new Mass Media & Journalism program at Texas A&M-Commerce.  This assignment is each person's starting solo work to suggest ideas and plans.  Plan to be at a computer on your own and do you own work only.  This is the initial assignment, to be worked on an completed before the end of class time.  You will have a report due by class time Thursday.   After uploading the required strategic planning materials to your Google Drive, today or before Thursday class time, create a typed outline of main points for Thursday and bring that hard copy to class Thursday.  This should allow you to present to the class for 3-5 minutes, so practice in advance for what you want to say.
(a) Write a few paragraphs that describe what you learned from researching other similar programs.  Check the Padlet list above and see what others in the class found--after writing your own, then spend 5-10 minutes perusing the ones that catch your attention, then write a paragraph that compares the others to what you found. 
As we have said, research is a critically important component of an effective PR campaign.  These things are some of our research.  Put a heading above the above information that says Background.
(b)  Think of these starting steps in a Strategic Planning Process. 1. Getting prepared.  (that includes) "... gathering all needed information, ensuring all information is up to date and as accurate as possible which is very important to ensure sound decisions results from this whole process. Identify any specific issues that needs to be addressed."  So  next, write a paragraph that lists and briefly describes issues that need to be addressed in developing a PR plan for the new MMJ program.  Put a heading above this information that says Issues to Address. You may also want to suggest at this point alternative names for the program.    2.   Your next paragraph to write: Clarify the mission and vision statements. Put a heading above this information that says Mission and Vision Statements.   Identify and clarify what you at this point are the new program's mission and vision statements, values and culture, the main goal of why the program will exist and create an image of what success looks like for the new academic program.  Write this up in a paragraph.   3. Next Paragraph: Identify what you think is the program's current and future market position. Put a heading above the above information that says SWOT Analysis. This paragraph is for you to write a SWOT analysis (google that term if you don't know).  Take the information gathered from other programs' research, consider who in this region A&M-Commerce competes with and provide  information on internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats so you can develop an understanding of all  critical issues. 4.  Final Paragraph: Use the SWOT exercise along with all other information gathered so far to organize your information as a final summary paragraph of what this initial proposal of what this new program should be, according to your current thinking.  Put a heading above this information that says Summary of Initial Plans.  Upload your assignment to your Google Drive by the end of class time then bring a hard copy Thursday.

Thurs. --  Overview of Chapter 11 and evaluation of initial proposals. 
Assignment:  Create a photograph that would go with a new release announcing the new MMJ program.  Put it in your 328 Google Drive folder, no later than 10/25.  Be ready to discuss it in class.

Chap. 11 Review:  Reminder--read the chapter: questions will come from general reading that is not in the review.           
In public relations, the _________ is the most commonly used public relations tactic.   According to a recent study, _____ percent of journalists said that they use public relations sources for their stories.  Writing a news release using _______ style means editors scan the top of the story quickly to determine interest and can easily cut from the bottom of the story.   A one-line headline, a brief paragraph outlining the story idea, answers to some of journalism’s five W’s and H questions and contact information is the type of content that might be included in a ______.    ________ are most often used for major product launches.  A _____ lets an editor know about the contents of a media kit and is considered to be a fine art that requires great skill.   A quote used in a story in broadcasting is called a ________.    PSA stands for ________.   VNR stands for ______.  A series of pre-booked, one-on-one interviews from a fixed location via satellite with a series of
television journalists is called a(n) _______.  When a company’s product is featured in a TV show, it’s called a(n) ____. 
You work for a large technology firm that is unveiling a major new product that you believe will revolutionize the mobile phone and create many new jobs--what would be your best media relations tool?  etc. -- read and take notes of full chapter


Week 9:      (10/23-27)       READ CHAPTER TWELVE

** See the 'Assignment:  Create a photograph...' in week above.  Due by 10/25.

Current grading update:  LearnBoost grading information will have been re-shared by Tuesday class time. Contact the instructor if you still have not received it. Review previous assignments and syllabus--where the outline says, and we said in class, that items were to go into your Google Drive, it was based on the syllabus and early class assignment to create and share a JOUR 328 Google Drive folder.  In cases where this was assigned but you had not shared a Google Drive folder, that electronic submission was not received as required. That will have a negative impact of early project grading.

Tues:  Chap. 11 Quiz.  NOTE--read the chapter: questions will come from general reading that is not in the review.

Thurs:  Overview of Chapter 12

Chap. 12 Review:   Reminder--read the chapter: questions will come from general reading that is not in the review.
Centralized/top-down operations, costly to publish / reach an audience, controlled by professional gatekeepers (i.e., editors and publishers, and mostly one-way communication with limited feedback channels describes ______ before the advent of the Internet.  What advantages does the Web brings to public relations professionals?  What are reasons why visitors return to a Web site?  Can corporate Web sites function as a useful media relations tool?  What is/are unique characteristic(s) of the Internet that traditional media do not offer?  ROI stands for _____. How do the ideas of vertical vs. horizontal mean related to traditional mass media and social media?  How do the format and mechanics of blogs make them attractive?  What is/are the best reason(s) to run an organizational blog?   Steve Cody recommends what tactics for creating a successful employee blog?  What should public relations practitioners keep in mind to use Facebook effectively?  What can be typical functions of wikis?  What are the advantages of podcasting?  Social media expert Shel Holtz suggests what about corporate texting?  The Internet came into widespread public use when?   ____ could be defined as an advanced blogging site that provides easy sharing of many file types.   How are public companies using webcasts?

Note that outline is updated weekly--always check for updates, and refresh.
Week 10:          (10/30-11/3)      READ CHAPTER THIRTEEN                   

Tues:  Chap. 12 Quiz.  NOTE--read the chapter: questions will come from general reading that is not in the review
Overview of Chapter 13

Thurs:  Meet in the classroom at the regular time for instruction in writing a news release, then go to the computer lab and write the news release based on provided directions.  Use this class listing to understand the new MMJ program--it will be very similar to current sequences, but with an added sequence in Advertising.  It is intended to have existing RTV and JOUR programs working more cooperatively--with enlarged space in the current East Texan newsroom, KKOM student radio in the room between Fred's office and the Student Lounge, and with the currently unoccupied half of the third floor remodeled for offices, a computer lab, individual student audio and video production rooms, and a TV studio.
The originally intended Group work at class time Thursday has been put aside for a future class.  Check back for assignment specifics on that, which will connect back to your first work and the  8-step Strategic Planning Process.

Chap. 13 Review:   Reminder--read the chapter:  questions will come from general reading that is not in the review.   Why are meetings considered vital public relations tools?   What are typical questions that event planners must ask?  What are typical “to do’s” that have to be done before an event?  What location factors should be considered when planning a meeting?  Speakers need to know about what issues before a meeting?  This chapter says the going rate for a typical “bread and butter” business-type speaker is _____.  What are the typical concerns when a practitioner is planning a convention?  When planning a banquet, which factors requires the closest attention?   What kind of public relations event shows visitors the facilities where an organization does its work and how the work is done?   The purpose of a(n) ______ is to create favorable opinion about the organization.  What are considered to be  the two required elements to get people to attend a convention?   Any booth or exhibit at a trade show should be designed for ________.  For a PR practitioner, what is most important in pitching a trade show to a journalist?  What are the tips for working with the media at a trade show?  What are typical reasons to hold a promotional event?   What are typical questions to ask when considering sponsoring an event?  Why do corporations sponsor various events that are covered by the media?  What is the typical thinking related to hiring a celebrity for a promotional event?  What considerations are important in planning logistics for a promotional event?

Week 11:           (11/6-11/10)         READ CHAPTERS 14 and 15

Tues:  Quiz over Chapter 13.   Discussion of Chapter 14.  Re-read the requirements and content style of the PR Diary
Textbook required to answer one of the quiz questions.  No textbook = no grade.

Overview of Chap. 14 and Chap. 15

Continued discussion of 'MMJ program'"--review of news releases and further planning information.
GLOBAL = QEP Initiative
Chap. 14 Review:   Reminder--read the chapter: questions will come from general reading that is not in the review.
Global public relations is also called _______.  Why has China experienced explosive public relations growth?   About one-third of U.S. corporate profits are generated through ____ business.  What are the Hofstede cultural dimensions that address cultural differences? The communication styles of Asian and Arab nations are considered _____ context. European and American communication styles are considered _____ context.  As one example of international differences, to avoid alienating any segment of the press, news releases distributed in Malaysia should be distributed in ____ (how many? or which?) language(s).   When utilizing social media around the world, public relations practitioners must do what kinds of things?  What was the centerpiece of Coke’s Open Happiness” campaign?  To whom must public relations professionals explain the benefits of globalization?  What is the United States Information Agency (USIA) and what do they do?   All legal, political, fundraising, public relations and lobbying consultants hired by foreign governments to work in the U.S. must register with what federal department?   NGO stands for ____.  With regard to issues such as labor, health, and the environment, NGOs are perceived how by the public?  What typical courses are suggested to a student who wishes to pursue a career in international public relations?   What is considered useful advice is to a student who wishes to pursue a career in international public relations?   Fleishman Hillard is noted for what in the chapter?  Which African nation has made strides in developing its public relations industry?
Chap. 15 Review:   When there's recent negative publicity about business, it makes it imperative that companies do what?  In a survey cited in this chapter, respondents believed that good corporate citizenship leads to what for the company?  What's really the biggest reason corporations seek to achieve better reputations?  From one of the chapter's examples, a survey of Canadian CEOs, in what categories ________ is / are the biggest threat(s) to their company’s reputation?   When conducting media relations, the public relations practitioner’s role includes what functions?   In the United States, which government agency regulates truth in advertising?   Which government regulatory agency oversees the financial matters of public companies?  Customer satisfaction has always been considered important because of the power of  _____.  What recommendations are made for working with activist consumer groups?   According to a survey by Towers Perrin, 50 percent of employees believe that their employers __________.   What is an IPO?  What does IPO stand for?  What does IMC stand for?   As defined in our book, when companies manage all the sources of information about a product or service as to ensure maximum message penetration, this is known as _______ .   What is “cause-related” marketing?   What is a good example of it?  What's the primary purpose of “viral marketing?"  What do corporate sponsorships provide?  Why should corporations participate in corporate philanthropy?  Negative publicity about specific corporations means that all companies must work to regain ____ .

Week 12:             (11/13 - 11/17)           READ CHAPTER 16                         
Note that outline is updated weekly--always check for updates, and refresh.

Tues:  No Scantron sheet required this week.  Quiz over Chapters 14 & 15.  Overview of Chapter 16

Thurs:  Short writing assignment.  NOTE: these reviews were NOT taken from this hotel.  This is a practice exercise using real reviews from another hotel.  Here is the assignment:  You are working for a PR Firm headquartered in Rockwall, TX and your company represents EconoStay hotels in Texas.  A new manager took over the
EconoStay in Greenville, TX three months ago and discovered room occupancy was only about 20% per night, while other major hotels in Greenville were averaging 60% per night. The manager learned of these 'digital dirt' online reviews about the property. She has asked your agency for help in writing responses to each of the provided reviews. Without being cliché and without writing the same kind of comment for each, you have been assigned at the PR firm to write the management responses.  Your objective is to address issues that make readers dismiss the potential negative impact of the reviews. The new manager tells your firm that the new management team has addressed problems of the previous management team, including 'refreshing the property.' Number your responses to match the numbers of the reviews, and write 2-3 paragraphs as each response for each of the five bad reviews.  Place your management responses page in your 328 Google Drive, or if you are concerned about this secure means of meeting the deadline, submit to the instructor's university email as an attachment instead.  Note formatting where #5 may not have line space after #4.  Due before midnight on Thursday 11/16.  Be ready to discuss in a future class.

Chap. 16 Review:   Reminder--read the chapter: questions will come from general reading that is not in the review.   What are the basic realities in working with entertainment or sports for PR?   Where does celebrity generally come from?   What do we mean by the cult of celebrity?  How is that nurtured?  What is the first step in conducting a personality campaign?  What's the primary goal of any campaign for an entertainment event?  _______ publicity occurs when a steady output of information is produced.  What's the danger of excessive promotion of a celebrity?  In what location(s) is/are professional entertainment publicity work concentrated?  Most movie publicity is aimed at _____ year olds, who make up the largest movie-going population.  Sports publicity programs at both the college and professional levels are designed to do what?   Which industry provides excellent opportunities for market-based public relations, like product promotion? The majority of the respondents in the “Moviegoers: 2010” study said they first heard about a movie through what source?  Would that still be true in 2017?  Professor Lance Kinney’s study on sports event sponsorship found what?  The work of sports publicists can include what functions?  The word(s) ________ is / are “key” in effective travel public relations.  What is the nature of crisis management in the travel industry?

Week 13           (11/20 - 11/22)      READ CHAPTER TEN                             Thanksgiving

Tuesday:    Online quiz over Chapters 16 and 10.    Summary of Chapter 10 ppt.
No class meeting. Chap. 12 Quiz online.   Basic directions: (a) you will have received an email with your username and password. (b) you will be able on Wed. or Thurs. 11/15-16 to sign in and do a Practice Quiz to get familiar.  If you're in multiple classes with me only do this once--it's the same. It's just to give you a feel for the online test. (c) You will log in to and log in with your username and password.  You should see a screen with your 'Groups' like JOUR 328 and RTV 151.  Select for this class the 328 link, then Go to Selected Group.  You will see the assigned quiz if it's open at the time you log in.  (d) the regular test will be open Monday 11/20 starting around 2:00 pm and will close at 10 pm on Tuesday 11/21. Once you start it, you will have 15 minutes to finish.  It will start by giving you directions.  (e) questions are drawn at random, so you will not have the same questions and same question order as anyone else.  After reading these instructions, email the instructor if you have any questions.  You will not be able to go back and resolve issues or re-take the quiz, so make sure you're on a computer with a good connection. 
QUIZ UPDATE:  ClassMarker is down as of 1 pm Monday.  Check back later if you cannot log in -- once it's up again, the quiz will remain open until 10 pm on Tuesday.

Chap. 10 Review:  In the United States, the most significant aspect of the mass audience or general public is ______.   What are some examples of “prepackaged publics?”   What are considered to be general characteristics of youth market?   What are considered to be general characteristics of baby boomers?  What are considered to be general characteristics of seniors?  Why should public relations practitioners be sensitive to women as an audience?   Which medium is most effective for delivering a message that requires absorption of details?   Speed and mobility are said to make what medium unique among major media? _______________.     _____ generates the strongest emotional impact of any type of mass media.   What was found from recent research on Hispanics and social media? Which demographic group is the largest consumer of television, magazines, books, and newspapers?  Why should public relations professionals pay attention to diversity media?

Thursday:  a) Stuff the turkey, then yourself  b) Give thanks  c) Treat someone nice  d) Have a restful break   e) all of these

Week 14           (11/27 - 12/1)       READ CHAPTERS 17, 18  

Tues:  Sr. Communications Specialist from Southwest Airlines Dan Landson guest speaker.
Read some of his PR work:    New SWA routesTwitter postsAlmost flight emergencySouthwest solicits customers                 
Thursday:  Read & study the chapters. 
Overview of Chapter 17 and Chapter 18 (links are the PowerPoints) 
There is no extra assignment for the class.

Re-read the requirements and content style of the PR Diary
Chap. 17 Review:
   What must federal, state, and local governments do to function effectively?  What advice does the chapter give related to government employment if you are soon graduating and seeking career employment in public relations?  What are the typical objectives of government information efforts?  Federal agencies spend several hundred million dollars each year promoting _____.  What has been one of the federal government’s longest-running public relations efforts?  States often implement public relations campaigns by doing what?  Many cities pump millions of dollars into efforts to ______.  In the government sector, ______ are typical functions of a public affairs specialist.   ________ is the name for a public relations professional whose main responsibilities include influence impending legislation?   Deep suspicion exists about former legislators and officials who capitalize on their connections and charge fees for doing what is commonly called ________ .  "No former legislators can work as lobbyists" is a provision of what law?   _______ lobbying is said to be the fastest-growing area of the political persuasion business.  With the high cost of running for office, the latest tool for fund-raising and reaching supporters is ______ .   What does the The Ethics in Government Act forbid?

Chap. 18 Review:   How do nonprofit organizations relate to the world of public relations?   In the context of understanding their operations, what is true about nonprofit organizations?  According to the Giving Institute, what was the pattern in American contributions to charity from 2007-2010?   What are considered to be main reasons why individuals donate money to charities?  What is considered to be a critical challenge for virtually all nonprofit organizations?  What are typical fund-raising methods?  What to membership organizations do to succeed?  What are examples of membership organizations?  What are trade associations?  What are major functions of trade associations?  A(n) ______ group is one that fights for social causes.  How do social issue organizations differ from activist groups?  Advocacy groups use what typical tactics?   Which advocacy tactic is designed to showcase public support for a cause and in some cases to harass the operators of projects to which the group objects?   What are examples of social service organizations?  What strategies/tactics are used by social service organizations? What important activities do foundations undertake?   Religious organizations typically design their public relations to achieve what objectives?  What typical organizations are included in the health sector?   What is / are considered essential for public relations professionals working at colleges and universities?

Week 15          (12/4 - 12/8)          

Tuesday:   Quiz over Chapters 17 & 18.     No Scantron required.

Thursday:  Summary & Review.
Online secure grade posting was an easy way to allow access to grades during the semester but has ended.  If you need to verify any grade information please schedule a time with the instructor.

TR 2:00 Class Final:  REVIEW.  Tues. 12/12, 1:15 - 3:15, Late arrivals lose points. Chapters 10-18 and course overview discussion questions.