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Dr. Laura Isbell

Assistant Professor and Interim Department Head

Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: Sowers Education South #204

Phone: 903-886-5413


Professional Vita


Stryker, A. & Isbell, L.J. (October, 2015).  Solving universities’ “How should we teach?” lesson planning conundrum.  Consortium of State Organizations for Teacher Education (CSOTTE).  Frisco, TX

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Isbell, L. & Sanders, A. (2010). Superheroes choose their destinies:  The motivating power of choice during reading workshop. Presented at the North Texas Council of Teachers of E  English Language Arts Conference on literacy, Bedford, TX.  

Isbell, L., Sanders, A., Dixon-Krauss, L., & Harris, M. (2010). UNT alumni perceptions and faculty response. Presented at the Texas National Association of Multicultural Education, Denton, TX.

Post Conference Materials

Isbell, L. CLD International Conference. Using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model to U  Understand RTI.  Published on CLD International Conference website: (By invitation)

Virtual Conference

Sanders, A. & Isbell, L.  Co-collaborator of virtual conference (2015):

Invited Lecturer

Spring, 2015.   RTI: Understanding the model. SED 400 & 401. SED 404 & 405. Texas A&M-Commerce

Fall, 2014RTI: Understanding the model. SED 400 & 401. SED 404 & 405. Texas A&M-Commerce

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