Dr. Martha FooteDr. Martha Foote
Curriculum & Instruction
Texas A&M University-Commerce
P.O. Box 3011, Commerce, TX 75429


Doctor of Education, University of North Texas
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Reading
Dissertation: The Development of Curiosity in Three-, Four-, and
Five-year-old Children; Major Professor: Dr. Velma E. Schmidt

Master of Education, East Texas State University
Major: Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Science, East Texas State University
Major: Elementary Education; Minor: English


Current responsibilities as faculty are to teach masters and doctoral level courses, serve as program coordinator for the Cohort of Rockwall Educators’ (CORE) Masters Cohort; and advise and mentor doctoral students. Previously, I have taught undergraduate and graduate courses in ECE, ELED, and Reading and served as the Center Coordinator for the Plano Center for Professional Development and Teaching.

Doctoral Level Courses Taught

Master’s Level Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Research,Recent Publications


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Naizer, G. and Foote, M. (2016)Texas Teacher Residency Program (T-RES) Phase2: An Apprenticeship Model for Texas. Funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for $1,396,421

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Foote, M. Regents Initiative Grant (2005) funded for $8,300 for the “First Annual Bill Martin Jr. Symposium”.


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Co-editor for the College Reading Association’s Yearbook editorial team, 2006 through



Service as Chair of the Doctoral Committees:

Hopes, D., A Comparative Study of Six North Texas School Districts And Their Effects on English Language Learners’ Acquisition of English Language Proficiencyuand Academic Achievement

Johnson, R., The Effects of a Protocol-Guided Professional Learning Community Model of Professional Development and Teacher’s Knowledge and Use of Classroom Formative Assessment

Gillespie, M., The Impact of a Reggio-Inspired Professional Learning Community On a Newly Implemented Two-Way Immersion Program

Vasinda, S. Reinventing Reggio Through Negotiated Learning: Finding a Place for Voice and Choice in an American Standards-Based Elementary Classroom

Slater, C. Using Arts-Based Representation as a Way of Knowing in a Third Grade Classroom with a Mandated Standards Based Curriculum: A Documentation of the Process

Vornberg, C. Parental Perceptions of Roles, concerns and Issues and the Effects of a Multilingual Family Literacy Program on Reading Comprehension and Writing Fluency in Second Grade LEP and non-LEP Students

Service on Doctoral Committees



Contact Info

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Texas A&M University - Commerce
P. O. Box 3011
Commerce, Texas 75429
Phone: (903) 886-5413
E-mail: Martha.Foote@tamuc.edu

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