Dr Ben

Dr.Ben W.-L.Jang

Department of Chemistry
Texas A&M University - Commerce
Email: ben.Jang@tamuc.edu

Research Overview

Research Interested

  1. Heterogenous Catalysis
  2. Non-thermal Plasma Technology
  3. Adsorption/Absorption

Current Research Activities

  1. Non-thermal plasma techniques for the synthesis of novel materials
  2. Catalytic materials for selective hydrogenation
  3. Conversion of natural gas to high-value products
  4. Development of thermally and hydro-thermally stable mesoporous materials for catalytic applications

Research facilities

  1. AMI-200 catalyst characterization system
  2. In-situ RIG-150 reaction and characterization system
  3. Shimadzu GC17A and 5050A GC-MS
  4. Two fixed-bed catalyst evaluation systems
  5. 360° rotating RF plasma reactor system for material synthesis and modifications
  6. Nicolet Nexus 470 with a HTHP DRIFTS cell
  7. Other facilities available include AA,UV,HPLC,NMR,XPS,XRD,etc.

Current Members

Michael Helleson

Michael Helleson,

Undergraduate student

Dr Ben

Ryan Hoisington,

Undergraduate student

Monyka Macias

Monyka Macias,

Graduate student

Past Members

Chalita Ratanatawanat

Chalita Ratanatawanat,

Graduate student

Kliff pittman

Kliff Pittman,

Undergraduate student

Elida Bonilla

Elida Bonilla,

Undergraduate student


Marcos Montanez,

A.C.S.Seed student

Dr Ben

Darryl Encino,

Undergraduate student

Yogi patel

Jeff Yogi Patel,

Undergraduate student



Email: ben.Jang@tamuc.edu 

Department of Chemistry

Texas A&M University-Commerce

Office: Journalism Bldg 217

2600 S Neal St
P.O. Box 3011, Commerce, TX 75429

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