Texas A&M University-Commerce

Department of Secondary and Higher Education

ETEC 579 Administration of
Educational Technology Programs




Term:  Summer I, 2005 Section: 01W
Instructor: Dr. Jason Lee Davis


Multimedia clips have been prepared for on-line sections of this class for distribution on CD-ROM.  Smaller versions of these video presentations in Real Media format are available here.  Although these versions are much smaller than the originals, they are still large enough that those on low bandwidth or dial-up connections should give special consideration to the time required to download these clips.  High bandwidth connections should have no problems with relatively quick download of these clips.  Transcripts of the videos are provided for those whose connection makes video downloading impractical or prohibitive.


Video Clips... Transcripts...
ETEC579-Introduction-s.rm ETEC 579 Introduction
Technology Plan
ETEC579-TechPlan-s.rm ETEC 579 Technology Plan
ETEC579-TechPlanElements-s.rm ETEC 579 Technology Plan - Required Elements
ETEC579-KeepInMind-s.rm ETEC 579 Things to keep in mind...
Purpose Statement Activity
ETEC579-PurposeStatement-s.rm ETEC 579 Purpose Statement
Grant Proposal
ETEC579-Proposal-s.rm ETEC 579 Technology Grant Pre-Proposal Project


RealPlayer 10 (free version) is required to view these videos.  If you do not have it installed, please do so prior to downloading.
Click HERE to download/install RealPlayer.


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