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Rio Grande Ski Train - Summer Excursion 1998
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Welcome to a virtual trip up the Moffat Road through the historic Denver & Rio Grande Western Tunnel District featuring pictures from the August 16, 1998 Ski Train Excursion.
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rgst001-DEN-s.jpg (10739 bytes) The trip begins at Union Station in Downtown Denver.  (DEN) This is the passenger waiting room.  Amtrak's California Zephyr provides daily passenger service, both eastbound and westbound, to this station.
rgst002-DEN-s.jpg (10302 bytes) Access ramp to the boarding areas at Union Station.
rgst003-DEN-s.jpg (8728 bytes) Rio Grande Ski Train ready for boarding at the station.
rgst004-brakes-s.jpg (10762 bytes) All cars on the train are equipped with disc brakes.
rgst005-SP8544-s.jpg (11496 bytes) Southern Pacific's SD40T-2 #8544 was on the point of the three engine consist pulling the train.  Amtrak's westbound California Zephyr can be seen backing into the station as the Ski Train prepares for departure.
rgst006-SP8544-s.jpg (11824 bytes) Ski Train boarding for 8:30am departure.  The three engine consist was made up of SP #8455, UP #6066 and UP#5702.  UP's GP60 #5702 was actually the ex-D&RGW #3156, which was a member of the Ski Train's traditional consist.  On May 12, 1998, #3156 emerged from the UP's Jenks Shops in North Little Rock, Arkansas wearing it's new UP armor and bearing the number #5702.
rgst007-SP8544-s.jpg (11364 bytes) The air intake on the side of the locomotive which distinguishes this engine as an SD40T-2 (as opposed to an SD40-2) can be seen here.   Note: The T stands for tunnel.  This variation of the SD40-2 was designed to bring in cleaner air from lower down when passing through tunnels.  Other models had intakes on top of the engine where most of the exhaust accumulates in tunnels.  A complete history of the SD40T-2 locomotive is given on Kevin Morgan's Unofficial D&RGW Home Page.
rgst008-NDenYard-s.jpg (9808 bytes) Passing Denver's North Yard on the UP.   This is the site where the Moffat Shops once stood.
rgst009-Rocky-s.jpg (7520 bytes) Distant view of Denver from Rocky on the approach to the Big Ten Curves.  The curves got their name from the fact that the tightest of the pair is set on a tight 10 degree radius.
rgst010-BigTen-s.jpg (13341 bytes) Entering the first bend of the Big Ten Curve.


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