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TMGT 514 Engineering & Technology Project Management

Anticipated Schedule (subject to revision as necessary)


Term: Fall 2021(218), Sub-term G Section: 01W
Day: VariableTime: Variable



Class Activities/Assignments

Activities Due/Point Credits




Assignments are due by midnight (CT), on Sunday of the week assigned, unless otherwise indicated. 

Total = 550pts

Days are for the week indicated in the first column.


Aug 30      


Sept 6      


Sept 13      


Sept 20      


Sept 27      


Oct 4      


Oct 11      


Oct 18      

1 (9)

Oct 25

Familiarize yourself with the courseware and follow the initial instructions provided in the online course.  Post on-line introductions with photo for class roster.  Acquire copy of required text.
Preliminary Course Quiz/Certifications

Chapter 1 Overview (of Project Management)
Connect to VoiceThread (VT) and familiarize yourself with its use in the VoiceThread Playground.

Prelim. Quiz - 10pts
Quiz 01 - 10pts

Your acceptance of the University Graduate Student Academic Dishonesty Procedure (ADP) & Syllabus must be acknowledged in the Preliminary Quiz to enable access to the course content.

2 (10)

Nov 1

Chapter 2 Project Management Growth: Concepts and Definitions
Chapter 11 Planning

VT Discussion #1 - Ch. 1-2
Begin research and creation of Project components.

Begin practicing with the built-in Panopto video recording application for use in the upcoming Video Presentation Projects.

Quiz 02 - 10pts
Quiz 11 - 10pts
VT Discussion #1 Post - 25pts

Graduate Student Registration opens on Monday for Winter-mini & Spring Terms.

3 (11)

Nov 8

ProjectMinds Chapter 3 Project initiating process
Chapter 12 Network Scheduling Techniques
VT Discussion #1 - Response
Project Statement of Work (SOW) due

Quiz 12 - 10pts
VT Discussion #1
 Response - 15pts

Project SOW 25pts

4 (12)

Nov 15

ProjectMinds Chapter 4 Project planning process
Chapter 15 Metrics

VT Discussion #2 - Ch. 11-13

Mid-term Examination opens (Ch. 1-2, 11-12, & 15)

Project - Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) due
Project Network Diagram due

Quiz 15 - 10pts
VT Discussion #2 Post - 25pts

Project WBS 25pts
Project Net Diag 25pts

VT post #2 may utilize voice or video.
Mid-term Exam opens for submission on Thursday.

5 (13)

Nov 22

Chapter 16 Trade-Off Analysis in a Project Environment
Chapter 18 Learning Curves
Project GANTT Chart due

VT Discussion #2 - Response
Mid-term Examination due

Quiz 16 - 10pts
Quiz 18 - 10pts

VT Discussion #2
 Response - 15pts

Project GANTT 25pts
Mid-term Exam - 70pts

Mid-term Exam MUST be submitted before midnight on Wednesday.

Drop deadline for Sub-term G, Thursday, Nov. 19th.

6 (14)

Nov 29

Chapter 19 Contract Management
VT Discussion #3 - Ch. 16-20

Project Video Presentation due

Quiz 19 - 10pts
VT Discussion #3 Post - 25pts

Project Video 75pts

VT post #3 must utilize video.

Completed project MUST be submitted by midnight, Wednesday.

Project(s) not submitted by midnight on Sunday may be skipped by reviewers without penalty.

Thanksgiving Holiday Break - Nov. 26-27

7 (15)

Dec 6

Chapter 21 Modern Developments Project Management
VT Discussion #3 - Response

Final Examination opens (Ch. 16, 18, &19)

Project Self/Peer Evaluations due
Course Evaluation

VT Discussion #3
Response - 15pts

Project Evals 25pts
(Evals integrated into Project Video grade for 100pts combined total.)

Course Evaluation

Withdrawal deadline for Sub-term G, Tue., Dec. 3rd.
Completed, self/peer evaluation forms MUST be submitted by midnight, Sunday.
Final Exam opens for submission on Thursday.
Complete the student course evaluations for all courses.

8 (16)

Dec 13

Final Examination due

Final Exam - 70pts

Final Exam MUST be submitted before midnight on Wednesday.


Dec 17

COMMENCEMENT - Graduate Ceremony - 4:00pm (TENTATIVE)


Congratulations Graduates!!!

Note: All times indicated are local time in the Central Time Zone.

Green - Chapter Readings/Quizzes
Purple - VoiceThread Discussion Activities
Blue - Project Activities

Red - Course Examinations

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