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TMGT 515 - Project Management Tools & Techniques

Welcome to the class home page of
TMGT 515 - Project Management Tools & Techniques
Spring 2022 - Second 8-week Sub-term J (March 21 - May 13, 2022)

CRN: 24811 (.01W) on-line, web-based course


Q:  Will there be a face-to-face meeting?
A:  No.  As this is an on-line only course, there will NOT be a face-to-face orientation or any required physical meetings.  Online activities are required in lieu of a face-to-face meeting and will be outlined in the course.

Q:  Where and when do I access the course?
A:  The course will be conducted in the university's "myLEO Online" D2L Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS), with some resources provided on this 'public' page.  MyLEO Online is accessed through your myLeo Portal; or, you may use the direct link to the LMS: http://myleoonline.tamuc.edu/.  The course will be accessible on the first day of scheduled class.  At that time, you will need to log in and follow the posted instructions.

Syllabus (pdf) - rev. 12/20/2021

Schedule - rev. 12/20/2021

Calendar (pdf) - rev. 12/20/2021


Title:                         Project Management:  A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 12th ed.
                     Harold Kerzner, PhD
Format availability:
   848 pages                            List $US
Hardcover:         ISBN-13:   978-1-119-16535-4   $103.00
E-book:             ISBN-13:   978-1-119-16536-1     $82.00
   Other, more economical sources:  Amazon, eBay, Chegg, etc.
                 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ublication date:
      July 2019

Class resources:

Panopto Video
(Note that VoiceThread amd Panopto are integrated directly into the Brightspace courseware.)

Possibly useful sites:

GanttProject - Free Project Scheduling and Management Application (download link for Windows version 2.8.10)The Core Rules of Netiquette - Excerpted from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea.

Possibly Un-useful sites:

Avoid Confusion

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