Nikolay Sirakov


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Education (degrees, year, universities)  
Ph.D. degree 1991:
           Center of Mathematics, Comp. Science & Mechanics-Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS); in the field of Pattern Recognition:
           Title: 3D objects recognition by help of regularities, order and set of identification. Defended in 1991. 
           The work was developed under international project dedicated to develop   a robot system capable of nuclear reactors inspection.
Master degree 1982-1983:
             Sofia University (SU)- School of Mathematics & CS, in  Coding Theory, Title: New examples of (15,11) systematical, non-vasiliev’s, non-linear, perfect codes correcting one error.
University Education 1978-1982:
                Sofia University (SU) “Kl. Ohridsky”- School of Mathematics & CS- Number one in the Country.
 Bulgarian National High School of Math and Informatics “Lubomir Chakalov”, 1973-1976:  Number one in the Country.

Research Interests:
                                        Image Processing via gradient methods
                                        2D/3D Active Contour Models

                                        Features Extraction
                                         Content Based Image Retrieval, Image Data Bases
                                         3D Modeling, Reconstruction and Visualization
                                         Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
                                         Image processing - Digital and Multimedia Libraries
                                         Robot control and vision.
                                         2D/3D objects modeling and interpolation
                                         Image objects motion interpolation.
Areas of Applications: 

Skin Lesion Diagnosis, Firearms Identification, Threat Assesment, Robotics, Video Tracking.
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