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Edward W. Romero, Ph.D.

Assistant Professional Faculty

Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources
Office: Employee Services Building, Room 133 Phone: 903-886-5027

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources


Professional Vita

Dr. Edward Romero has over 20 years of experience in academia and six (6) years as a self-employed business owner in the financial services industry. Dr. Romero's academic roles vary, but primarily are in administration, human resources, diversity, minority student recruiting, retention, student development, academic advising, and extra-curricular advising. Many positions he has held in academia have been new positions that utilized his strategic, innovative, and creative approach to implementing and establishing new initiatives. Dr. Romero enjoys working with senior management and also helping faculty and staff but is especially passionate about assisting first-generation students new to post-secondary education.


Models Invented/Created

Romero, E. W. (2009). Undergraduate Recruiting & Educational Pipeline Model. The purpose of the agricultural holistic recruiting and educational model is to matriculate future leaders from underrepresented groups, ensure retention, and assist in career development for success toward college graduation and in preparation for early professional careers.  The three domains addressed are:  

Romero, E. W., & Ramirez, P. (2003).  The AgForLife™ Map was conceptualized and co-developed as a two-dimensional model which aides in the visualization of depicting opportunities in agriculture, food and life sciences to help educate the general public about the diverse employment opportunities and careers in the industry.  The Map also aids in understanding the integration of multiple systems for which materials and inputs flow through processes that provide elements necessary for an output to reach the consumer.  My dissertation titled, Identifying, Examining, and Validating a Description of the Agriculture Industry, validated the model’s development and creation using the Delphi-technique.  This comprehensive model is the only one of its kind known in existence and confirmed by industry professionals.

Romero, E. W., & Aldape, H. F. (2003).College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Undergraduate Educational Initiative Model.  The model is a roadmap to assist the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M University with their student success efforts.  The model included an outreach, recruitment, educational and professional development component for underrepresented student success. The model is comprehensive and holistic.

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