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Departments/English, History, Political Science

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The Doggies

 "Beauty is truth, truth beauty."  that is all   Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.  

--John Keats


Into the night we entered, and the sky was full of stars.
We fell upon two beautiful shelties lying underneath the Texas Heavens below.
yeah, as if these two babies slept outdoors!

Aki Suki

The Late BELOVED Aki and the late Beloved Suki


Read, study and be happy!

Suki Aki

Find the balance in college


Not too much partying


Pay attention


Ask questions


Your professors are here to help you


We are so happy to be here


We made the right choice -- coming to Texas A&M University


Be Happy and do Great Things with your degree!!!


Aki says, "Come back to A&M Commerce!"

In Spirit she is waiting for your many visits, and she is waiting to hear about your many successes too!!!

Son couer est un luth suspend;  sitot qu’or le touché il resonne.
His/Her heart is like a suspended lute, once it is touched it resonates.

In Loving Memory of

  1. Dr. William T. Jack
    Literature and Languages
    ETSU 1954-1984
    departing 20.04.2003
  2. Our Beloved Suki, Sweetheart # 1
    departing 2001/März
  3. Our absolutely MOST Beloved AKI  Sweetheart # 1 too)
    Sept 1997--25.July.2010 (Sunday 3:35 p.m.)
    She is absolutely missed by all of us!
    We are absolutely overwhelmed  and consumed with grief with our loss;  well one day and gone the next. Though we buried her in Mother Earth,  we also buried her into our hearts forever.  When she left she took a part of us with her.  We miss you Baby!  When we buried her, " wrap her body with the blanket of our Mother Earth."  Who will protect her. 
  4. Daisy Mae, my true and loyal pet
    1. 2007-2017 (Marz-Mai
    2. I had three weeks to prepare for her approaching death, to see her lose her will to live, and her strength (never easy).  She died ever so gently, quietly and without pain.  She once would bark when I came home and would greet me.  The last three weeks, she moved very little, and often times would just lift her head when I came home.  She did not want to worry/bother me with her agony as she wanted to sleep outside, and not in the house, so she would make no demands on me.  During her stay with me, I quickly found out that Daisy wanted to be treated very tenderly and as a child;  she wanted nothing more than to please me, and she did. She had been rescued and had many owners before she came into my life accidentally, by pure chance.  With her track record, one can understand how desperately she needed/wanted to be loved and cared for by her new owner.   She came into my life very quietly one evening in March of 2007, and she left ever so quietly on Memorial Weekend, 2017.  For three weeks, I prayed to St. Francis that he would guide her ever so gently, and he did. Good Night Sweet Princess.  Once again, I say,  When we buried her, " wrap her body in the blanket of our Mother Earth."  Who will evermore protect her.  We are at peace once again.    
  5. Miriam Rose (Ruth)departing 04.12.2004
    1. You left way too soon, just as we were planning our future.  

May they be at everlasting peace!

The World will never know just how much love they brought to me, and they are missed every single day!


Prinz Ludwig von Bayern


Prinz Ludwig von Bayern with Prinzen Sophie.

Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria with his younger brother Prince Otto in 1858

Crown Prinz Ludwig von Bayern with his younger brother Prinz Otto. 

"We are to regard the mind, not as...a receptacle into which knowledge may be poured; 
but as a flame that is to be fed, as an active being that must be strengthened to think and to feel---
and to dare, to do, and to suffer."

-- Mark Hopkins-president of Williams College

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