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HiFonics Phoenix Gold Kenwood

Welcome to my site featuring Phantazm, my former competition car audio demo truck for my sound company, Shiloh Productions. This page contains links to details of the various parts of the system. Most pages contain jpeg pictures, around 20k-30k in size, as well as descriptions. This was a very large demo system and it took several months/years to compile all of these pages. These pages were taken down when I changed jobs and have been inaccessible for about 3 years. Due to the number of requests I have received, even after all of this downtime, and despite the fact that Phantazm was dismantled in the Summer of 2000, I am attempting to resurrect the site as a tribute to the memory of this project. Thanks for your requests and I hope that you enjoy your visit to the site. It will also take a while to update all of the extince links on the pages contained herein. Thanks.

For those of you fortunate enough to attend or compete in the 1995 IASCA Finals, this was THE vehicle representing HiFonics at the Audio Products Inc. manufacturers display with their Series VIII and Zeus (Pro) components.

Walk-through video tour of Phantazm - A Final Farewell - June 13, 2000

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