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Kathryn Jacobs Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Literature & Languages
Texas A&M University-Commerce

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Kathryn Jacobs - Dept of Literature & Languages
Kathryn Jacobs Ph.D.

Dr. Jacobs (from Harvard University, l984) joined the department in 1993 as a specialist in Medieval and Renaissance literature. Her studies are divided between Chaucer (anything and everything), and the development of drama in England (from the early mystery plays to the exuberance of the London stage). Both studies contributed to her recent book, Marriage
Contracts from Chaucer to the Renaissance Stage
, which was published by the University Press of Florida (August, 2001). She also makes occasional forays into other areas, i.e. American formalist poetry (Merrill and Hecht) and her own experiments with the sonnet. Awards include Honors Professor of the year (2002), MLA book award nomination (2002), the Barrus award (1999), and the NISOD award (l998).

Over the years Dr. Jacobs has taught graduate courses as varied as Beowulf and Victorian literature, interdisciplinary undergraduate courses with the department of history, seminars in Yeats and post World War I poetry--and, whenever possible, in the Middle Ages. She is faculty Sponsor of Sigma Tau Delta.