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Dr. Nikolay M. Sirakov


Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Office Location: Binnion 322

Phone: 903-886-5943


Professional Vita



Natasha M. Astudillo - Research Project and journal paper development in the subject of Classification with Stochastic Learning Models and Convolutional Neural Networks. Natasha is hired by Spirit Airlines Inc as an Analyst


Mengzhe Chen - Master Thesis - “Singular Points of the Gradient Field of the Poisson-Image PDE Solution”, Defended March 31, 2018

1st PLACE WINNER IN MATHEMATICS, Title: Singular Points of the Gradient Field of the Poisson Partial Differential Equation Solution on an Image, TAMU System Pathway Students Symposium, Nov. 03, 2017, Tarleton State University, talk Master Student Mengzhe Chen, supervisor Nikolay Sirakov


ChetanaChetana Nimmakayala - Master Thesis on tracking Multiple Objects in video by using SIFT Features;


Swathi Munagala - Master Thesis in tracking objects with occlusions


Kandhare, Pravinkumar G. - Grad Student Dept. CS- Title: Tracking objects in video sequences, Spring 2012.

Melendez, John M. Grad Student Dept. Math.- Title: Image Segmentation Using Delaunay Triangulation with a Predicate, Preparing a presentation for the Texas meeting of the Mathematical Association of America, April 2012.


student picture 1Sheena Mathew (TA) - Graduate Student CS.
Subjects :   Rotational and Scaling invariant matching of image regions.

student 2Chakrader Nara (RA) - Graduate Student CS.
Research in :   Enhancement Algorithm for skin cancer images; Improvement of the S-ACES active contour to work with noise.
AWORD:   8th Annual Texas A&M University-System pathways Research Symposium, West Texas A&M University, October 22-23,2010, Master's Level, 2nd Place, Computer Science.  
Title :   Enhancement of Skin Lesion Images to Remove Noise.


student 3Venkata N. Jandhyam (RA) - Graduate Student CS.
Research in :   Region Search in an Image - Correlation Approach; Study Rotational and Scaling Invariants. 
AWORD :   8th Annual Texas A&M University-System Pathways Research Symposium, West Texas A&M University, October 22-23, 2010, Overall Winner, Master's Level, 2nd Place & 1st Place Winner Mathematics Discipline.
Title :   Correlation and Shape Matching Methods between Images.


Santosh Kaparthi - Graduate Student CS. 
Research in:    Image Database Organization by help of Low and High Level Features, Onthologies; Knowledge Extraction from Image Databases. 

Karthik Ushkala - Graduate Student CS - He will follow an Image Processing line of education.
Research in:   Active Contours to image segmentation; Image Semathics. He successfully coded in Java a new system for automatically extraction of boundary, convex hull and concavitie. The software is based on the Exact Solution of the so called Active Convex Hull Model designed by Dr. N.M.Sirakov. 


student 4Srinivas Kommu - Graduate CS
Subjects2D/3D Image Database indexing, Coding the active convex hull model in java.

Rohan Naraian - Undergraduate CS major
SubjectsFeatures extraction; CBIR; 3D reconstruction and visualization. 

Will Harrell - Undergraduate CS major 
Subjects2D/3D models retrieval and visualization. 


Rohan Naraian - Undergraduate CS major
Subjects: 3D reconstruction and visualisation; Image databases. 

Devyesh Shah - Graduate Student Dept. of Computer Science
SubjectsData fusion in intelligent systems, Web Archives, DICOM image formats. 

Archana Chada - Graduate Student Dept. of Computer Science
Subjects: C++ coding; 

Jason Moore - Graduate Student Dept. of Mathematics
Subjects: Eigen values and Eigen vectors to corners detection and noise reduction.


Rohan Naraian - Undergraduate CS major
Subjects:   3D reconstruction and visualisation; CBIR. 
Rohan Has Given Best Undergraduate CS presentation at the TAMU Pathway Conference, Prairie View Texas, November 10-11,2006., Division Winner CS, Undergraduate;

Minh Tang - Undergraduate CS major
Subjects:  C++ coding. 

William Harrel - Undergraduate student CS
Subjects:  3D visualization.


Nathaniel Rowland - Undergraduate student CS.
Subjects:  C++ coding an vector based algorithm to separate objects in images. 

Rohan Narain - Undergraduate student CS.
Subjects:   Content Based Image Retrieval Systems. 3D objects reconstruction and visualization. 

Christopher Rex – Undergraduate Student.
Subjects:  Boundary support and its applications, Hough Transforms.

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