Jason Lee Davis' PHANTAZM - A Brief Introduction

Introduction and Description of Phantazm

Phantazm was originally constructed with the sponsorship of HiFonics (formerly Audio Products, Inc.; now Maxxsonics), Phoenix Gold, and Kenwood. This project was started in November, 1993, and was first operational in November, 1994. As anyone with a competition audio system knows, something like this is never "finished." To date, this system represents around 1300 hours of labor. Phantazm currently consists of 38 speakers driven by 3200 Watts (competition rating.) The head unit is a Kenwood KDC-PS900 / KDC-C705 combination. All of the cables, fuses, interconnects and accessories are Phoenix Gold. All signal processors (PA, EQ's, X-Overs, etc.) are HiFonics with the exception of a set of Phoenix Gold TBA's and a Phoenix Gold BASS CUBE. All amplifiers and speakers are HiFonics. The amp rack holds 2 Vulcan, 4 Odin, and 2 Colossus Amps. The Vulcans drive the dash speakers, and the Odins drive 4 dome tweets for highs, 4 dome mids for upper mid-range, 8 5-1/4" cone speakers for lower mid-range, and 2 10" Zeus series woofers for mid-bass. Each of the Colossus amps is bridged to 1800 Watts into eight 15" Zeus series subwoofers for a total of 3600 Watts driving 16 subs. This enclosure is a series-tuned quasi-sixth-order bandpass. In case you're curious, the system added about 1600 pounds to the truck.

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