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Association of Railroad Foamers
by our definition:  Railroad Foamer = Railroad Enthusiast

ARF is an informal, self proclaimed, group of internet railroad enthusiasts who commonly
hang out on the Western Railroad Discussion List at   Membership is open.
The name (ARF) was coined by Jim Burrill on May 31, 1999. (Jim, correct me if I'm wrong.)


Photos from the first gathering of
The Association of Railroad Foamers (ARF)
at East Portal/Moffat Tunnel
Saturday, June 5, 1999
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plus...  Jason's synopsys of the day.

(those organizing and gathering for the first official outing)

Rich C. and Carolyn FarewellJohnJim BurrillPaul BirkholzJason Lee DavisDamian LydickKevin Morgan
Rich C. & Carolyn Farewell, John ?, Jim Burrill, Paul Birkholz, Jason Lee Davis, Damian Lydick, Kevin Morgan


Paul Birkholz Mountain West Rail
Mountain West Group Railfanning in the Rockies
Paul's pictures from the social.
Sheridan, WY Founding member
Jim Burrill Colorado Rails Fort Collins/
Loveland, CO
Chairman and founder
Jason Lee Davis The RailFan HomePage
Jason's pictures from the social.
Klondike, TX Founding member
Rich C. & Carolyn Farewell (Sorry Rich, I don't know a link or e-mail.  Let me know and I will add it. -Jason) Arvada, CO Founding members & Railroad Authors
Damian C. Lydick The Unofficial Southern Pacific HomePage Arvada, CO Founding member
Kevin D. Morgan The Unofficial D&RGW HomePage Arvada, CO Founding member
John (Sorry John, I couldn't remember your last name for sure and the wind hit the mic on my video recorder when you said it. Please remind me.) (Sorry John, I don't know a link or e-mail.  Let me know and I will add it. -Jason) Colorado Springs, CO Founding member
"Colorado Eagle" N/A Colorado Springs, CO Founding member ...made it to Plainview but missed the rendevous with the rest of the gang, sorry we missed you!

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What is a Foamer?

The following history of the origin of the term "Foamer"
was given by ARF Chairman, Jim Burrill, May 29, 1999.

You'll notice the name "Jack Wheelihan" as an ex-officio member of several
steam crews, including the UP steam crew most recently seen at the Roseville
rail classification yard opening. He's the one who coined the term, according to
Steve "Steam em up" Lee. It is "morphed" from FOMITE  which means
"Fanatically obnoxious mentally incompetent train enthusiast".

To quote Jim's statement at the June 5, 1999 Moffat Gathering...

It is our goal, through ARF, to help remove the negative
connotation previously associated with the term "Foamer."

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