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Association of Railroad Foamers (ARF)
Photo Album

Jason's photos from the first gathering of
The Association of Railroad Foamers (ARF)
at East Portal/Moffat Tunnel
Saturday, June 5, 1999
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jj083-00s-UP6887.jpg (11304 bytes) UP #6887 leading an eastbound coal train between Tolland and Rollinsville, CO.
jj083-01s-UP6887.jpg (13765 bytes)
jj083-02s-MoffatTunnel.jpg (11102 bytes) Fans clearing exhaust from the tunnel bore between trains at East Portal.
jj083-03s-AmtrakEastPortal.jpg (11487 bytes) Westbound Amtrack approaching the east portal of Moffat Tunnel.
jj083-04s-AmtrakEastPortal.jpg (9297 bytes)
jj083-05s-UP7149EastPortal.jpg (11663 bytes) UP #7149 and UP #7133 lead a westbound coal empty at East Portal.
jj083-06s-UP7149EastPortal.jpg (15005 bytes)
jj083-07s-UP6877EastPortal.jpg (13331 bytes) UP #7067and UP #6877 assist UP #7149 as end of train Distributed Power Units (DPU's).
jj083-09s-ARF-founders-EastPortal.jpg (15227 bytes) Group of founding members of ARF at East Portal:
(pictured left to right)
Rich C. and Carolyn Farewell
John ?
Jim Burrill (ARF creator and Chairman)
Paul Birkholz
Jason Lee Davis (your host at this website)
jj083-10s-Cliff.jpg (16817 bytes) Paul Birkholz at the unusual "Y" switch at the west end of the Cliff siding at Pinecliff, CO.
jj083-11s-Cliff.jpg (15470 bytes)
jj083-12s-SP328-Cliff.jpg (11630 bytes) SP #328 leading a westbound coal empty out of Cliff.
jj083-13s-SP328-Cliff.jpg (12378 bytes)
jj083-14s-SP376-Cliff.jpg (12844 bytes) SP #376 and another SP unit following SP #328 as DPU's.
jj083-16s-SP376-Tolland.jpg (13366 bytes) We all piled into Paul's Suburban and chased #328 back to East Portal.
Here the DPU's are passing Tolland.
jj083-17s-SP376-MoffatTunnel.jpg (13291 bytes) SP #328's DPU's entering Moffat Tunnel.
jj083-18s-ARF-founders-Pinecliff.jpg (16891 bytes) Two more founding ARF members made it just after the first group picture, so here they are featured in their own group shot at Cliff (Pinecliff, CO)...

Damian Lydick
Kevin Morgan

jj083-19s-UP7308-Pinecliff.jpg (13390 bytes) Three of us stuck around long enough to see the passing of westbound UP #7308 leading a consist of 8 engines.  It looked like an impressive lashup, however, only the first 3 units were on-line.

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Paul Birkholz's pictures from the social are here.

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Moffat Road Pages

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