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TMGT 458 - Project Management

Hello learners.  Welcome to the official class home page of
TMGT 458 - Project Management
CRN: 21007
Spring 2014 (January 13 - May 9)


Q:  Will there be a face-to-face meeting?
A:  We will NOT be holding a face-to-face orientation.  Online activities required in lieu of the face-to-face meeting will be outlined in the course.

Q:  Where and when do I access the course?
A:  The course will be conducted in eCollege with some resources provided on this 'public' page.  eCollege is accessed through your myLeo Portal; or, you may use the direct link to eCollege: http://online.tamuc.org/.  The course will be accessible on the first day of scheduled class.  On Monday, January 14, you will need to log in and follow the posted instructions.

Syllabus (pdf) - rev. 1/17/2014

Schedule - rev. 1/12/2014

Calendar (pdf) - rev. 1/12/2014

Course Grading Rubrics (pdf)

This is a "Web-Based" course.


Title:                        Project Management:  A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, 10th ed.

Author:                     Harold Kerzner, PhD

Format availability:         1120 pages                 List $US

   Hardcover:        ISBN-13:   978-0-470-27870-3     $99.00
E-book:            ISBN-13:   978-1-1182-3001-5     $74.50
   E-book digital rental (360 days):                         $59.50

Publisher:                 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Publication date:      March, 2009

Class resources

Finding Articles in the TAMU-C Online Library (YouTube video) - Dr. Rick Lumadue


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