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TMGT 515 Project Management Tools & Techniques

Official Schedule (subject to revision as necessary)

Term:  Spring 2021 (212) Sub-term J     Section:  .01W
Day:  Variable          Time:  Variable



Class Activities/Assignments

Activities Due/Point Credits




Assignments are due before midnight (CT), on Sunday of the week assigned, unless otherwise indicated. 

Total = 300pts

Days are for the week indicated in the first column.


Jan 11 Main Term and First 8-week Sub-term "I" courses begin.


Jan 18      


Jan 25      


Feb 1      


Feb 8      


Feb 15      


Feb 22      


Mar 1 First 8-week Sub-term "I" courses end.

1 (9)

Mar 8 Familiarize yourself with the courseware and follow the initial instructions provided in the online course.  Post on-line introductions with photo for class roster.  Acquire copy of required text.
Preliminary Course Quiz/Certifications
Pricing and Estimating Chapter 14
Access VoiceThread (VT) and create your profile, if you do not already have one configured, and begin experimenting, practicing, and familiarizing yourself with the use of the tool for purposes of our upcoming Discussion Activities.  The "VoiceThread Playground" has been set-up for this purpose.
Project(s)/Activitie(s) TBA
Quiz 1 (Preliminary Quiz) - 10pts The Preliminary Course Quiz must be completed with a score of 100% by the end of Week 1 to proceed in the course.

2 (10)

Mar 15

Begin research for project assignment and creation of Project Reports.
VT Discussion #1 - Ch. 1-4

Quiz 2 (Ch. 14) - 20pts
VT Discussion #1 Post - 25pts

VT post #1 may utilize voice or video.

3 (11)

Mar 22

Cost Control Chapter 15
VT Discussion #1 - Response

VT Discussion #1 Response - 15pts

4 (12)

Mar 29

VT Discussion #2 - Ch. 5-8

Site Design Specifications Report due on Sunday 30pts
Quiz 3 (Ch. 15) - 20pts

VT Discussion #2 Post - 25pts

VT post #2 may utilize voice or video.

5 (13)

Apr 5

Risk Management Chapter 17
VT Discussion #2 - Response

Site Selection Report due on Friday 30pts
VT Discussion #2 Response - 15pts

Friday - Sub-term "G" Drop Deadline.

6 (14)

Apr 12

VT Discussion #3 - Ch. 9-12

Facility Structures Report due on Wednesday 30pts

Project Presentation Video due on Sunday 90pts

Quiz 4 (Ch. 17) - 20pts
VT Discussion #3 Post - 25pts

Completed Project Video MUST be submitted by midnight, Sunday

VT post #3 must utilize video.

7 (15)

Apr 19

Quality Management Chapter 20
VT Discussion #3 - Response
Course Evaluation

Project Self/Peer Eval Forms due on Friday
VT Discussion #3 Response - 15pts
Course Evaluation

Project(s) not submitted by midnight on Wednesday may be skipped by reviewers without penalty.

Completed, self/peer evaluation forms MUST be submitted by midnight, Friday.

Tuesday - Sub-term "G" Withdrawal Deadline.

Complete the student course evaluations (SRTEs) for all courses.

8 (16)

Apr 26


Quiz 5 (Ch. 20) - 20pts. due midnight Wednesday.

No late submissions will be accepted after Wednesday.


COMMENCEMENT - Ceremony format TBD


Congratulations Graduates!!!

Note: All times indicated are local time in the Central Time Zone.

Green - Chapter Readings/Quizzes
Purple - VoiceThread Discussion Activities
Blue - Project(s)/Activitie(s)

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Rev. April 14, 2021