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Dr. Donna McCrary

Associate Professor of the Early Childhood Education

Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Phone: 903-875-7567


Professional Vita


Journals (refereed)

  • Brown, D., McCrary, D., & Sennette, J. (2008).  The impact of literacy-focused pre-kindergarten curricula and teacher mentoring support on pre-reading and math skills.  NHSA Dialogue (submitted December 8, 2008).
  • McCrary, D., Estes, M., Teaff, T., Thompson, M. (2001). Building stronger bonds:  Reaching families who are homeless and living on the outer circle. Reaching Youth (5) 3, 52-56.

Journals (non-refereed)

  • McCrary, D.  (2001). Addressing challenging behaviors among young children.  [Monograph].  Addressing the social, academic, and behavioral needs of students with challenging behavior in inclusive and alternative setting.  Reston, VA:  Council for Exceptional Children.
  • McCrary, D. (1998). Endogenous constructivist application for methodology:  Implications for young children with developmental delay in the social and emotional domain.  Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of North Texas, Denton
  • Townsend, B., & McCrary, D. (1998).  Building structural supports for students with emotional/behavioral disorders under IDEA 1997 [Monograph].
  • Implementing the 1997 IDEA:  New challenges and opportunities for serving students with emotional/behavioral disorders.  Reston, VA:  Council for Exceptional Children.

International and National Presentations

  • “A World of Language: Preparing teachers to teach in a bi-linqual world” National Conference, Teacher Education Division (TED), Council for Exceptional Children, Dallas, Texas 2008
  • “Integrating Social Skills in the Early Childhood Curriculum.”  International CCBD Conference, Dallas, TX.  September 2006
  • “Gingerbread Families:  Finding Sources of Support Families with Children Who Have Emotional and Behavioral Challenges.”  International CCBD Conference,  Atlanta, GA.  October, 2001
  • “Technology in the Classroom” International Conference of Technology Integration, Kiev, Ukraine, May, 2002
  • “Comprehensive Programming for a Diverse Population of Children and Youth with Challenging Behaviors: Addressing, Social, Academic, and Behavioral Needs Within Inclusive and Alternative Settings”, Las Vegas, NV., February., 2001
  • “Understanding the Unique Needs of Parents Who Have Children with Special Needs,” 8th Annual Conference on Parent Education, Denton, TX.  February, 2000
  • “Putting Functional Assessment To Work in the Early Grades”, International Conference for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Dallas, TX. October, 1999
  • “Don’t Be in Defiance, Understand Compliance’, National Conference:  Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Orlando, Florida, February, 1998
  • Values and Moral Development” National Adolescent Behavioral Training Clinic, Snow Mass, Colorado, 1996, Metro Education Training Clinics, Baptist Sunday School Board, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Seattle, 1983, 1984, 1987

Regional Presentations

  • “Adapting Curriculum for Special Populations” Special Friends Retreat for the Adult Mentally Retarded, Mt. Lebanon Encampment, Cedar Hill, Texas, October 2008
  • “Beginning a Ministry for People with Individualized Needs” Austin, Texas, August, 2007
  • “When the Dot’s Don’t Connect”  Weekday Early Childhood Retreat, Saledo, Texas, March, 2007
  • “Beginning a Ministry for People with Individualized Needs” Lubbock, Texas, August, 2006
  • “Creating Caring Connections for Families Who Have Children with Special Needs” Lubbock, Texas, August, 2006
  •  “Teaching Children with ADD/ADHD in the Preschool Setting”, Institute for Childcare Excellence, Dallas, Texas, 1996
  • “Values and Moral Development” Adolescent Behavioral Training Clinic, Snow Mass, Colorado, 1996

State and Local

  •  “Creating Caring Connections for Families who Have Children with Special Needs.” KDK Retreat, Abilene, TX.  November 2006
  • “Pediatric AIDS”, University of North Texas, Guest Lecturer, 1996

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